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Gorgeous Scandinavian Bathroom Design Ideas

Imagine a bathroom with the perfect mix of modern and traditional. The Scandinavians are known for their minimalistic design accents, which can be found in everyday items like furniture or graphic photos on walls without taking away from practicality at all!

Scandinavian bathrooms are known for their unique design. They have long, dark rooms with mirrors on the ceiling and heavy furniture that’s common in this region of Europe because people there spend more time sitting down than standing up while they do their washing or bathing!

Source mercurymosaics.com
Source homedeco.nl
Source solebich.de
Source 3ddd.ru
Source cletile.com
Source hunker.com

What better way to spend your time in the bathroom than with a Scandinavian design? A tiled floor, open shelving for storage, and minimalist designs are just some of this style.


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