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8 Simple Ideas for a Small Laundry Room Makeover

Where do you store your dirty clothes? In the small laundry room, of course! It’s not always easy to find space for all those hampers and shelves. But with this cute littleummysize unit it won’t be an issue anymore because there will always have been enough room on these handy foldable boards

City living is always hectic, and sometimes you need to get away from the hustle. You can’t enjoy your life if it’s all business! So go on an adventure with me in this small laundry room that we found online for rent by one person or share funds so two people may use its amenities too;)

Source welshdesignstudio.com
Source liveloveshiplap.com
Source thefauxmartha.com
Source houzz.com
Source quietwoodscreations.com

There’s something about the way light moves through small spaces that just makes everything seem bigger. You can’t see it, but I bet you feel your heart swelling with pride when we tell our clients how much space they have for their clothes and linens in this room!


Jay Lean

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