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8 DIY Rugs Ideas Will Elevate Your Home


One of the biggest thing when decorating your home is about choosing furniture or home decor that suitable with your home design. You must rethink when you choose them, so you will not make mistakes when decorating your home. To beautify a home you can DIY some home decor, like rugs.

8 DIY Rugs Ideas Will Elevate Your Home

It sounds good when you can make your home decor by yourself. This article will show you some DIY rugs that inspire you. Before we get started, you should consider the size, colour, comfort and care when choosing a rug. Let’s check these out!

1. DIY Indoor Rugs


Inviting a pretty rug into your home is easy. This DIY project let you explore your creativity to make such a colourful rug. It may consume time to make this DIY rug, but you will be delighted with the result.

2. DIY Round Rug


A round rug is so awesome because it brings a quirky element of fun to your home. If you have a specific pattern or design why not to make it. Then place them in your room.

3. DIY Colourful Rope Rug


Love this rug so much! This DIY rug is easy yet pretty enough to attract your living room. All you need is the rope. You need to colour them in any various colours you like. Attach them neatly and correctly.

4. DIY Rope Rug


Then, if you don’t want to add any colour in your rope rug, just use the original colour. A round rope rug is perhaps common for us, yet it gives an appealing appearance for your room.

5. DIY Fabric Rug


Brings the indoor with this rug. It just comfy on your foot and it’s easy to create. You could make this rug whether in round shape or another shape you demand.

6. DIY Bedroom Rug

Source: yandex.collections

It still uses rope as the element to make this DIY rug. Make the round shape from the rope in two sizes, big and little. After that attach them and put on your bedroom floor to reduce sound.

7. DIY Front Porch Rug


To change the mat in your porch, you can make this DIY rug. Not only easy to create, but it also makes your porch looks more intriguing. Need times to make it, but you will be satisfied with the result.

8. DIY Pom Pom Rug

Comfortable on your foot is the characteristic of Pom Pom rug. When you step on this rug you will feel in heaven. Surely, you will be delighted with this rug, though it takes time to make it.

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