Complete Your Private Pool With 6 Outdoor Shower Designs

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Outdoor showers are a common fixture in the backyards and pool decks of warmer cities and countries all over the world. When the weather is hot all day and all night, it’s easy to need multiple showers throughout the day. Though many people primarily invest in these open-air showers in order to cultivate a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere outside of their homes.

Complete Your Private Pool With 6 Outdoor Shower Designs

Whether these showers are built solely for the purpose of washing off or they’re carefully constructed with aesthetically pleasing design in mind, an outdoor shower is a feature all homeowners stand to benefit from. There are many practical reasons to invest in a shower like this.

1. Simple Wooden Outdoor Shower

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Make your backyard the highlight of your home with this DIY outdoor shower. This design is inspired by the rustic aesthetic, making your backyard feel even more relaxed with the addition of a shower. Whether you’re building this shower to remodel your home or you plan to turn your backyard into a spot of rest and relaxation, this design is an excellent take on the outdoor bath trend.

2. Build With Privacy Screen

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From the rain shower head to wash off the salt and sand to the slatted wooden privacy screen, this outdoor shower is the perfect add on to this beachside holiday home. The potted plants are a fabulous touch as they give more privacy and interest to this cute outdoor shower area.

3. With Homely Touch Shower

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The outdoor shower is surrounded by homely, old-fashioned touches like the jug, the flower box, and the white sewing table serving as a vanity. The rain shower head itself looks great attached to the wooden posts and the cute colored tiled base is the perfect spot to stand while showering in this European-styled shower.

4. Modern Mediterranian

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It would be so amazing to swim a few laps in this stunning pool. Then shower under the ultra-modern shower head before stretching out leisurely on one of those inviting lounges. The white and blue theme gives a Greek island feel. And the wood of the shower floor blends in well with the legs of the lounges.

5. Wooden Shower Trunk

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You can easily picture myself hopping up onto this little shower stage showering against this amazing tree trunk. I can just imagine the shower raining down over me and trickling over the edge of the slated foot tiles and shower stage – how relaxing!

6. Bohemian Outdoor Shower

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Simple and classy. This shower beside the pool is a fabulous addition to the pool area. After a dip in this inviting pool, a quick rinse off under this rain shower head would be cleansing and refreshing. The cute little wooden stool with the white towel matches perfectly with the white vase. With tan dried leaves, and straw hat as well as the tan and white cushions.

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