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6 Ways To Inspire Modern Gothic Home For This Halloween

Source: betterdecoratingbible.com

This Halloween you may consider not only decorate for outdoor or Halloween crafts things. What you don’t try to decorate your house include the furniture? Get gothic furniture things to spruce your house in a real Halloween theme!

6 Ways To Inspire Modern Gothic Home For This Halloween

Gothic style has been around for ages, transforming from a traditional medieval form of architecture to a more contemporary concept. Gothic interior design styles are widely used in residential to create a sense of mystery and elegance. This ‘darker’ form of interior design style would be best suited for home users who prefer to apply a black-grey color scheme to their homes.

1. Gothic Decorations

Source: grahamandgreen.co.uk

What better place to pen your latest terrifying story or sketch a mysterious, imposing castle? This desk equipped with quills and oddities to inspire, all watched over by a taxidermy crow!

2. Try Vintage Gothic Scheme

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Vintage finds are a natural fit for a modern Gothic scheme but don’t simply add the odd piece. Gather a mix to create displays and tableaux that look arresting and unusual. This living room adorned with a huge column of vintage suitcases, stacked from biggest to smallest, while the table is home to a display of natural finds. Dark walls complete the look.

3. Gothic Lighting Concept

Source: charlieolivia.com

Black or dark grey walls are a modern staple, but team them with something spooky, ethereal, and eye-catching to subvert the look and create a modern Gothic atmosphere. This stunning, ghostly chandelier could have come straight.

4. Spooky Gothic Glass Windows

Source: littlethings.com

This is not a look that’s easy to emulate, and few of us can claim to have stained glass windows in our homes, but at least this gorgeous bathroom makes the most of its Gothic ingredients. The window design with a huge tub and a romantic chandelier to look both striking and slightly spooky.

5. Spooky Display

Source: town-n-country-living.com

A small cabinet crammed with curiosities is a modern Gothic essential. Animal skulls, feathers, rocks, fossils, and other striking pieces gathered from nature all fit the bill.

6. Old Dresser

Source: needpix.com

In this kitchen, shiny and contemporary stainless steel goes head to head with a vast, ornate wooden dresser that wouldn’t look out of place in a castle dining room. It’s a highly original look, with a pronounced modern Gothic flavor.

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