6 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Make Your Room The Head of Household


The bedroom is truly an important spot in the home. It’s the perfect place to relax at the end of the long day. A cozy bed, a warm blanket, and warm lighting will elevate your space.

6 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Make Your Room The Head of Household

When it comes to master decorating ideas, it’s easier than you may think. Don’t need big changes to make your bedroom stylish and perfect. Just a few simple updates to revamp the way your room feel and look. Here are our 6 master bedroom decorating ideas to inspire you:

1. Bedhead in Focus


Once comfort is out of the way, your bed base. When it comes to bed bases usually come with bedheads, but some do not, which gives you the option of organizing something a little more bespoke and special for your bedroom.

When choosing your bed base, you can opt for a timeless look that will be able to form the perfect backdrop for the rest of your bedroom decor as time goes by. Also, opt for swapping out your bedhead for something a bit more on-trend.

2. All in the Wall


The bedroom is one of the more private spaces in the home, also a gorgeous way to showcase a little personality in your home decor. So, why not play around with your walls?

From simple wallpaper to cladding a statement wall in plywood or VJ paneling, a dramatic feature wall is an easy way to instantly up the style factor in your master bedroom. You can play around with different wall colors for a dynamic look, and even if you’re not feeling super experimental.

3. Mix and Match Cushions


One of the best ways to update your bedroom decor with the added bonus that they’re incredibly easy to swap out whenever you like is cushions. They’re available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from plush bolster cushions to plush European cushions.

Consider playing with tonal shades of the same color to add depth. And for the more experimental, go wild with patterns and rich textures like linens and velvets to create a vibrant look.

4. Feature Lighting


Nothing better than a sculptural feature light in the bedroom whether you’re adding a statement pendant lamp, a pair of wall sconces, or a practical table lamp on your bedside table. You can opt for a variety of lighting options in the bedroom to create lighting solutions for all kinds of situations.

5. Don’t Forget Layer Up Your Bedding


The most important element of the bedroom when it comes to both form and function is your bedding. Never forgo layering up your bedding with favored sets of sheets,¬†cushions, play around with different colors and patterns to create visual interest. And, don’t forget to consider different textiles for the seasons as some bedding is better for summer, and others for winter.

6. Bedside Vignette


Bedrooms always tend to accumulate a variety of clutter, so it’s important to get your bedroom storage situation under control. Whether you’re focusing on organizing your jewelry or skincare routine to perfection on your dresser, keeping your belongings in a pleasing way can also up the style factor of your space.

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