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Make A Vacation Destination House With 8 Cabin Decors

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These rustic nuances will remind you of getaways you spent surrounded by nature, allowing natural light and fresh air to enter your space. Cabin style is a cozy, comfortable home decor style with roots in nature.

Make A Vacation Destination House With 8 Cabin Decors

With some inspiration and fresh cabin decor ideas, you can create a cozy space with the unique charm of a cabin. Whether you own a cabin or just want your home to feel like a vacation destination, the cabin-style decor is a great option for those who love a cozy, rustic home.

1. Outdoor Light to Indoor

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Lighting is very important in interior design. Exterior lighting fixtures can add an unexpected and casually cool look to indoor rooms. Lanterns, for example, add a cozy and homey feel when used as chandeliers or sconces. Light fixtures with exposed light bulbs or candle fixtures give a rustic cabin feel to any space.

2. Bring Boho Style

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Blending different patterns and textures, while a very boho decor trend, can create a cozy and eclectic feel to any room. Cabin style decor should feel very layered and collected over time. Playing with textures is a great way to bring interest to your home without feeling too busy with lots of different colors.

3. Throw Faux Fur

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Faux fur is a great way to warm up space and add texture for a lived-in, earthy vibe. Faux fur throws and pillows can add a pop of nature, without overwhelming the space. Look for furs in neutral colors, such as white, tan, or gray for the most natural look.

4. Bring Candlelight

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Candlelight in any season creates a relaxing and homey atmosphere and is a nod to simpler times. Candles can come in many forms. You could cover a fireplace mantle with wax candlesticks for a dramatic look. Or, you could hang a chandelier with candle-shaped bulbs.

5. Try Leather Furniture

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Leather is perfect for a cabin because it’s a natural material and provides a rich look while being incredibly durable and flexible. Focus on pieces in natural colors – like shades of brown – for the ultimate cozy look.

6. Install A Wood Burning Stove Inside

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Wood stoves are a great source of heat and provide an ambiance. They can get a little pricey but are totally worth it. There is just something about the pipe of a wood-burning stove going up into the ceiling that makes a space feel super cozy.

7. Gallery Wall Of Plant Art

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When decorating the walls of a cabin-style home, nature-inspired art is a fantastic option. A well-designed gallery wall is an ideal focal point. Incorporating different plant prints is another way to bring the great outdoors inside.

8. Create Strategic Pop Colors

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Cabins can tend toward being a bit dark, and adding in strategically placed pops of color can make a huge difference in freshening up space. It’s best to pick one main accent color or color family to work with. Pantone’s color of the year list is a great place to get inspiration.

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