Save Budget for Outdoor Decor with 7 Aesthetic Wood Fence Ideas

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With million choices you can build your fence. Whether block wall, metal fence, or wooden fence you can do it yourself. Many DIYers prefer the wooden fence when you are on a tight budget. From horizontal to vertical fence design you can create. Not only build a fence DIYer also stain the fence with a fun color or earthy color.

Save Budget for Outdoor Decor with 7 Aesthetic Wood Fence Ideas

The wooden fence is adding a rustic feel to your yard. For more details about how to create a wood fence let’s take pick the ideas provided below.

1. Rustic Wooden Fence

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This rustic wooden fence is so intriguing to your yard. With a simple design and easy to make as well, you can get such an eye-catching wooden fence. No need for any decoration (plants or flowers) it already gives a beautiful look in your yard. You can make this DIY wooden fence for your backyard and complete it with a hook.

2. Vertical Fence

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Vertical fence for a vertical garden. No need to stain up this wooden fence. For you who like privacy, consider this vertical fence. It helps the homeowner to keep privacy and shrubs and planter, too.

3. Sunflower Fence

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Such an incredible wooden fence for your yard. It is something different and unique design you can do it yourself. This wooden fence made of an arrangement of pallets. Arrange them with an arty design and each space in the fence allows the flowers to come up.

4. Natural Wooden Fence

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Make a natural look in your yard by installing this wooden fence. It is simple to look at and easy to make as well. You don’t need to color up this wooden fence to get a natural look. This is not for a privacy fence because it allows seeing what both from inside and outside.

5. Rail Wooden Fence

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Looking for something simple, straightforward, and elegant wooden fence. You could create such a straight wooden fence like this. Not only building this wooden fence, but the homeowner also stains this fence in natural color. You can make it in another color if you like or just let them look natural like this picture.

6. An Old Wooden Fence

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How to build an old wooden fence for the yard? To get it you can use the wood of the tree in the original shape and form. You don’t need to make it in any shape, just let them in the original form. Arrange them in vertical design then you could also mix with horizontal too.

7. Handy Painted Wooden Fence

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Adorning your wooden fence by painting such a pretty design on it. Feel free to create handy painted on your wooden fence. This wooden fence is painted with beautiful scenery. You could also make your own by adding your initial name to it or another painted design you desire.

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