5 Masterfully Christmas Decorations For Deck

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There’s so much to get ready before Christmas Day. From planning out your holiday menu to the cookie sugar cookie baking. It’s precisely why outdoor Christmas decorations don’t always get a lot of thought put into them.

5 Masterfully Christmas Decorations For Deck

But never fear: With our list of the very best deck outdoor Christmas decorations. You’ll not only inspire to get your home ready for December 25, but you’ll be able to do it.

1. Hanging Planters

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These hanging planters that only cost $3 each are an excellent example. To create this alternative holiday wreath by Liz Marie Blog just attach the metallic canisters to a board, fill them with decorative branches, and then hang on your front door.

2. Natural Greeny Outdoor

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Gorgeous natural greenery (behold the stunning wreath!) and classic lanterns powered by LED candles are the key ingredients in this lovely holiday porch. Topping off porch urns with evergreen clippings and real tangerines is another seasonal idea worthy of stealing.

3. Green Garland

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If they don’t immediately comment on this DIY garland beauty, your guests are sure to comment on the gorgeous aroma that wafts from it. It’s made with an easy-to-source combination of cedar and grapevine twigs. Hang on the doorway using nails or hooks. Add berries and pine cones.

4. DIY Ice Skating Wreath

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As if fur-embellished ice skates weren’t wintery or glamorous enough! In this innovative DIY, they filled with evergreen and finished off with a fluffy pom-pom for a unique “wreath” that will have all your holiday guests buzzing. A few silver jingle bells or miniature ornaments make things even more festive.

5. Christmas Mail Box

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You don’t need much to dress up a small porch for Christmas. This is a vibrant cranberry wreath and colorful garland embellished with berries and pine cones. Because the blogger behind this entrance believes holiday cheer should start at the curb, she also adorned her streetside mailbox with festive trimmings.

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