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5 Wall Decoration With Greeny Plants Around The Room

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Having an apartment, flat, or small home doesn’t imply that you will have to compromise on your home décor. A small home means less square footage. However, the key here is to shift the focus and utilize the area that most often goes unused for décor.

5 Wall Decoration With Greeny Plants Around The Room

Planning the way you decorate your home takes a lot of time and research and it always depends on the space available. If you are a plant lover and want to bring a part of nature into your home, you need to know that this. Also needs to plan carefully, so that it completes the rest of the decor harmoniously.

1. Moss Walls

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Moss walls are green walls as they are built with real moss. However, the difference between a green living wall and a moss wall is that the former make with living plants. But the latter made with “dead” moss. This is real but preserved moss, which is generally preserved using a natural paraffin or glycerin process to help maintain its bright and beautiful colors.

2. Driftwood and Air Plants

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Driftwood can be found on the beach or purchased from a store. A well-weathered piece of wood makes a beautiful composition in your home. Air plants are plants that do not require soil to grow. They are suspended in the air and only require moisture to grow.

The same project can be wall-mounted or placed on any surface of your home. It depends on how you want to assemble your driftwood. With this type of plant wall decor, you can either DIY or buy ready-made products.

3. Wall Hanging Test Tubes

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This is such a fascinating way to decorate your walls with plants! It’s mostly used for propagating purposes so it is definitely suited to plants lovers. It would also have a beautiful visual effect by placing fresh herbs and green stems in it. This is a high maintenance living decor for your walls!

4. Glass Wall Vases

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Like in the previous application, this type of plant wall decor mostly use for propagating purposes, however, these glass containers filled with a bit of rock, sand, and soil to create mini air plants terrariums. Differently from the test tubes, these containers install with special white wall nails that come with the vases and fit through a hole in the upper portion of the vase.

5. Hanging Wall Pots

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There are several different types of products on the market to hang pots. The first one has a ceramic vessel put inside a metal shaped structure and fastened to the wall, in which case the vessel (pot) removed and watered. You can use any other plants that you like.

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