7 Kitchen Rug Ideas for An Attractive Addition


The kitchen is one of those spots that need two trains of thought when decorating ideas; practical and attractive addition to your home. After all, your kitchen is one of the most seen and used. And it should look and feel cozy.

7 Kitchen Rug Ideas for An Attractive Addition

Just likely a living room, your kitchen is more than considered the heart of your home. In order to make this spot as comfy as you want, the simplest way is installing rugs. Kitchen rugs have come a long way from being purely practical and less aesthetically pleasing. So, if you are searching for the hottest trends in modern kitchen rug design, you are in the right place. To find out more, read along to discover kitchen rug inspiration.

1. Kitchen rug with vibrant color


If your kitchen cabinets are in a soothing palette-cleansing white or finished with neutral paint colors, they can make your kitchen feel a tad plain and quiet. Hence, try to introduce bolder colors and patterns via your kitchen rug for extra depth and visual play. By doing so, this will allow you to bring in a vibrant kitchen rug with colors and pattern.

2. Kitchen padded rug


A padded kitchen rug or one with padding underneath might just be calling your name. If you have elderly family members or young children that have reign in the kitchen, padding is also extremely important.

A padded kitchen area rug will prevent falls as it comes with built-in resistance.  Also, it will help to reduce the pressure on your back as you stand while cooking.

3. Blend it in with kitchen floor


Then, if you are looking for a new kitchen area rug, consider one with a style that pairs well with your existing flooring and cabinetry for a seamless feel. It is a pretty way to bring in kitchen rug decorating ideas that won’t clash with your kitchen floor or your existing kitchen cabinetry.

4. Flatweave kitchen rug


Is your kitchen is always busy every minute of the day? Then you may want to consider placing a minimal flat weave rug on your kitchen floor. These rugs are usually made with cotton and other fibers that make cleaning them regularly super easy.

One of the advantages is if your pet is fond of chewing on carpets and rugs with its teeth or clawing them away, it might not be so interested in flat weave rugs because they are thinly woven with smaller loops. Plus, it will be difficult for them to gnash their claws or teeth into.

5. Larger loops and thicker weave


Larger loops and thicker weaves are ideal for a kitchen, aside from their unexpected scale, design, and texture especially in the winter and during colder seasons. Rugs with bigger loops will be sure to enhance the look of your kitchen while adding instant warmth, texture, and an endlessly comforting feel.

6. Think safety

Never forget safety while searching for the ideal rug for your kitchen since it is a generally used workspace. It is crucial if you have polished wood or tile flooring in your kitchen. To prevent frequent slip and falls, make sure that you shop for a rug with a grip-proof layer underneath that won’t slip or move around when you step foot on a wet floor.

7. Foam standing mat


Foam standing kitchen mats make for a smart alternative to rugs for those in need of serious comfort while working in the kitchen. If you find it difficult to stand on hard floors for a long time, you can rely on foam mats placed either on or under a kitchen rug or directly on the floor.

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