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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like An Outdoor Oasis

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It’s no surprise anymore that there’s an increased interest in making homes reflect the outdoors. While your home is already full of plants, this trend takes it a bit further—touching on everything from architecture to accents.

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like An Outdoor Oasis

Whether you’re always searching for the next brightest maximalist print or to your affinity for minimalism, there’s a way to make this trend work for you. Even it will work for the smallest New York City apartments and other small space. Below, you’ll find easy ways to turn your indoor space into an outdoor oasis and embrace all nature has to offer.

1. Cultivate a living wall

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It is easy to translate the serenity a lush garden brings to any outdoor space into an indoor version. In this case, feel free to craft your own living wall by hanging up a variety of ceramic pots filled with your favorite plants. Simply you can purchase a slab of emerald green moss to create an instant accent wall. It’s also a fresh take on bringing greenery under your roof. Whether you select moss, succulents, or herbs.

2. Go for earthy textures

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For a space reminiscent of the great outdoors, fine textiles and accent pieces that mimic nature’s colors and patterns. Select cozy throws that resemble ground coverings in a forest. Toget warmer days of breezy outdoor living a jute rug is a gentle. For a unique statement piece that feels organic, look no further than a wicker pendant lamp.

3. Punctuate with natural items

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You may love good rubber tree or snake plant in your home. But, if you’re looking beyond the scope of leafy, yet still looking for something lively, try crystals and gems, dried botanicals, pinecones, and seashells to breathe some life into your space.

4. Covet sun rooms and airy nooks

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The warmth and relaxation of following the sun’s movements all day long make for a special way to connect with nature. Indeed, you can’t all choose the frame of your houses and apartments, but your can pay extra attention to spaces that allow for a little extra light. However, if your home have no designated sunroom placing a chair in front of a window can satiate your need for sunrays.

5. Include stone and wood

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The wonderful things about embracing this trend is that it doesn’t take much to recreate. An accent piece like a wood slab coffee table or a slate stone countertop is a chic, yet refined ways of embracing organic elements.

6. Bring indoors outside

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When you make this trend works to your home, the reverse holds true as well. If you have an odd in-between space that straddles the indoors and outdoors, use colorful statement pieces to pay tribute to what lies beyond the curtain, wall, or patio furniture that separates them.

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