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7 Flowering Indoor Plants to Cozy Up Your Home

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In this self-isolation, some of us have the time or space for a blossoming spring-time garden. No doubt indoor plants have become one of the most important decor items of modern living, bringing nature, air-purification, and relaxing vibes into every room of the house. More luckily, some can even bring color, vibrancy, and raw beauty.

7 Flowering Indoor Plants to Cozy Up Your Home

It’s a good time to introduce your indoor plant game to the next level.  Also, introduce some flowering pot plants to your window sill or living room corner. Some can survive and thrive indoors, and may even become your signature home scent. So, these seven indoor plants will cozy up your home!

1. Orchids

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Some people say that orchid plants indoors are difficult to grow, However, you don’t be fooled by their often delicate appearance as these tropical flowering plants are actually easy to maintain. it is essential to invest in a premium orchid mix when you plant it in a pot, which will promote healthy drainage, root growth, and allow for quality airflow. The most crucial thing in growing orchids is to make sure you are not over or under watering it. Just water it directly from the tap every week for a few seconds.

2. Peace Lily

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When it comes to plants that remove toxins from the air, don’t even pass this simple-to-keep indoor plants, peace lily. In all its white-and-green glory, this plant thrives without too much watering and little sunlight works to naturally cleanse your home of pollutants like acetone.

3. Cyclamen

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Who doesn’t know cyclamen, it’s is one of the most well-known and loved flowering indoor plants. This indoor plant is living in a light, airy place, so as long as you don’t let them feel like they’re in the dark they can last years in a pot. And let their soil dry out before you give them a good drowning in water. They are available in vivid shades of purple, pink, red, and white, just don’t expect them to be a wallflower.

4. Gloxinia

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Gloxinia is an old-fashioned favorite indoors. They look so beautiful. If you don’t have a north-facing room they don’t mind, they like being out of sunlight but in good light, and moist soil.

5. Bougainvillea

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You may often see bougainvillea outdoor, climbing a wall in Greece, or cascading around a verandah. Nevertheless, this stunning plant can also be potted and pruned to grow as a tree indoors. They look so perfect for your all-white rooms.

6. African Violet

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If you are looking for small flowering plants, then African violets are the ideal small flowering plants for apartments or small spaces. The mainly purple blooming plant will be happiest on a window sill or coffee table away from direct sunlight.

7. Lavender

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Not only reserved for cottages, but this fragrant plant is also perfectly happy planted indoors in a sunny spot. It is simply to place a potted plant in your bathroom and keep it well-watered. Moreover, you’ll be rewarded with perennial purple flowers and a divine scent wafting through your home.

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