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6 Cozy Fall Decorations To Make A Brighter Mantel

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There’s nothing quite like curling up next to a fire on a crisp autumn evening. To make your home feel extra cozy, add seasonal style to your living room with these fall mantel decorating ideas. Show your decoration skill for this fall celebration!

6 Cozy Fall Decorations To Make A Brighter Mantel

Whichever style you prefer, we’ll show you how to use items from around the house, natural elements, and simple DIY projects to create a beautiful fall mantel that won’t strain your budget.

1. Metallic Fall Mantel

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Create fall magic by combining rustic burlap and dried wheat stalks with gilded accents. Pumpkins and nuts partially coated with gold spray paint add sparkle to this fall mantel. To make the hanging branch embellishments, hot-glue twine to nuts and tie onto branches.

2. Cozy Mantel Decor

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Repurpose items from around your home to create inexpensive fall mantel decor. Old cable-knit sweaters and leftover yarn, for example, can be used to wrap cylinder vases and create a garland of yarn balls. You can also create a soft and simple yarn ball garland for a cozy fall mantel.

3. Simple Mantel Decor

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Don’t want to store a bunch of fall decor for the nine months when it isn’t in use? Look into accessories that can be recycled or composted at the end of the fall season. Head to your local pumpkin patch or grocery store and pick up some small pumpkins and gourds. Line a few up on your mantel for a subtle touch of fall.

4. Plaid Fall Mantel Decor

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A trio of vases serves as the centerpiece on this fall mantel. Try wrapping inexpensive glass vases or storage containers with old belts and plaid shirts to create your own cozy fall decor. Fill them with pumpkins, bittersweet branches, and dried hydrangeas.

5. All Pumpkin Decor

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Pumpkins are great for fall decor because they can stretch from September to Thanksgiving. To save money, opt for realistic-looking faux pumpkins instead of the real thing so you can reuse them year after year. If your fireplace is functional, keep the fall decor on the hearth or off to the side to avoid a fire hazard.

6. Fall Wreath Mantel Decor

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Make a statement on your fall mantel with a single impactful accent. Hanging a large fall wreath or framed print above your fireplace is an easy way to decorate your living room for the season. Add some greenery and other small items to bring everything together.

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