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7 Deep Fireplace Decorations For This Halloween

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As much as anywhere, the fireplace is the important point of the home and that’s especially true when the weather turns frosty. When fall arrives with its plunging temperatures, there’s no spot cozier than in front of a roaring fire. And it’s all the more appealing if the fireplace is looking extra spiffy with fall decorating ideas.

7 Deep Fireplace Decorations For This Halloween

Sometimes, it can be especially tough coming up with fresh new Halloween fireplace ideas. So, here is the collection cool as October weather covering mantel concepts for the Season of the Witch as well as all of fall.

1. Pumpkins Aplenty

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If you have a non-functioning fireplace, fill it with the symbol of the season for a fast, easy, but totally charming fall look. Include a simple garland, like this one made from tassels in autumn colors, and a few mini pumpkins on the mantel, and you’ve got decor that can go all season long!

2. Spooky Candle Display

Source: collagecab.com

An eerie flicker is a must for any Halloween mantel. Paint wine bottles with matte-black spray paint. Once dry, insert an orange taper candle in each opening. Remember to keep candles away from anything flammable, and never burn unattended. The spider is crafted with balloons, wire, and black faux fur!

3. Super Spidey

Source: horrorunderground.org

As long as you don’t have arachnophobia you’re going to love this fireplace themed around eight-legged creepy-crawlies. There’s a lot here to enjoy, including the large web, the line of spiders marching up the side of the fireplace, and the skeleton hanging out beside it all, who looks just as amused as we are.

4. Halloween Garland and Streamers

Source: sonaeuk.com

Replicate this colorful, eye-catching mantel by cutting up plastic tablecloths into streamers and affixing them to your mantel. Throw some festive garland and paper bats into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect focal point for your Halloween bash.

5. Colorful Halloween Decor

Source: bg.mehomez.com

Sometimes too much neutral decor can leave your home lacking instead of making a beautiful statement. To avoid, take a cue from this blogger who paired warm wood with bold black-and-white pieces and small pops of color. Now her mantel is sophisticated, but not even close to boring.

6. Rainbow Pumpkins

Source: thecraftedlife.com

Think beyond the usual orange-and-black Halloween palette with this rainbow-inspired look. If you’re worried about it being too bold, feature only pastels.

7. Spooky Scene

Source: sonaeuk.com

Adorn old portraits and silhouettes with witch hats, pitchforks and scythes, fangs, and devil horns. Trick out the perfect fireplace decor with paper bats attached to swoops of black sewing trimming with black upholstery tacks. Finally, line the opening of your fireplace with paper or painted wood, and attach a roaring red paper glow.

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