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How to Make Rooms Look Luxe with 7 Affordable Ways

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To design a room without taking much money is everyone’s dream. A well-designed room with a limited budget is mutually exclusive things, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, money doesn’t buy style, but great style can make space look far more expensive than it really is.

How to Make Rooms Look Luxe with 7 Affordable Ways

From the room color scheme to layering, your room will look more luxe with these great tips. No need to spend much money, and you might also do it yourself. Here, I’ve collated a list of 7 of the best ways to spruce up your home and make it look more luxe than it really is. Read on these following tips and tricks!

1. Neutral Palette

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Neutrals always tend to look perfect. White walls and neutral furniture are timeless canvases that make changing, adding, and upgrading everything else because you don’t have to worry that it’ll all fit in together.

2. Big Stuff

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It seems like a waste dropping a few thousand dollars on a sofa. But, you can consider this. Save your pennies on stuff that won’t last the distance, like accents. Think of art as art is another area to invest in that will elevate your home tenfold.

3. Layer

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A layer is key to make your home looks great and pulled-together, and layering is the key to this. Layering will give your room depth and warmth and ensures they look like they belong in a home, not a museum. Consider a plush throw and decorative cushions are a simple way to make your room look more impressive.

4. Go Oversize

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Large-scale artworks look amazing and expensive, too. However, they don’t have to have the price tag to match. So, to solve that, source to second-hand stores, student art shows.

5. Decorative Moldings

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If your room is quite bare or on the petite side, decorative moldings will add an instant sense of grandeur to your home. You can mix it with other decorations.

6. Go Big

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The bigger the rug, the bigger space will feel. And of course, the bigger space feels, the more expensive it’ll look. So, go big, really big. There are many affordable rugs available at markets.

7. Fake Built-ins

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If you think built-in custom cabinetry looks super-expensive, that’s true, because generally, it is. However, you can feel lucky as you can fake the look with a cabinet (or several cabinets) that fit the space you have exactly.

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