How To Keep The House Pretty With 6 Outdoor Canopy

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Positioning yourself in the shade not only makes the warm season bearable, but it can also safeguard you against harmful sunlight. A quality canopy umbrella will help you get the most of your outdoor space, providing relief on hot summer days with a welcome bit of shade over your patio set.

How To Keep The House Pretty With 6 Outdoor Canopy

Other important factors are the colorfastness of the canopy material, and whether it’s UV and water-resistant. Square, market-style, or cantilever umbrellas are also options next to the traditional round patio umbrella.

1. Install a Fabric Canopy

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Transform a deck into a restful outdoor space by anchoring a fabric canopy to deck railings. Opt for the fade-resistant fabric to keep your upgrade looking great for the long run. Get more info on this tent-like topper.

2. Drape a Tarp for Cover

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Turn a slatted ceiling or a pergola into a sun-proof space with a moisture-resistant cotton-canvas tarp. See 15 more creative ways to customize your deck. Get a vibrant look for your outdoor space with how to create a well-traveled terrace.

3. Invest in an Outdoor Umbrella Canopy

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The time-tested deck and patio go-to help keep outdoor diners cooler for longer spurts of entertaining. See more charming decoration ideas from this vintage cottage redo with timeless appeal.

4. Increase the Shade With a Pergola

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A pergola can filter out sunlight on decks that will not cover by your trees. Additionally, one can add an architectural point of interest to your grilling space. Get more details on this reader’s pergola project.

5. Deck Out a Freestanding Structure

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Build your own salvage-style fortress of solitude, and outfit it with a daybed for shady afternoon reading. Learn how to separate the gems from the junk. You can put this freestanding canopy near the pool.

6. Add Wisteria to a Canopy

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Set a scene as magical as the one pictured here with potted, fast-growing Wisteria. It will make even a small urban backyard feel like a remote space. Transform a small lot with a homeowner’s seven ways to create a small yard with a big impact.

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