7 Garage Door Ideas To Match Your House Style

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Garage doors represent as much as 30% of your home’s exterior as a fundamental influence on overall curb appeal. That being said, it’s important to choose a garage door style that will complement your facade without becoming a focal point.

7 Garage Door Ideas To Match Your House Style

Certain garage door styles may be best suited to your exterior. While it’s easy to just swap out the old garage door with a newer version of the same design, do your research to see all of the new garage door options. Read on to explore 7 garage styles to amaze your neighborhood. Here we go!

1. Ranch Garage Door

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Ranch homes, typically characterized by single-level designs and open-concept layouts, are one of the most popular home styles in the US. We recommend choosing a classic, subtle style garage door for a modest facade, or, for a contemporary application, add dimension with a Plank door.

2. Contemporary

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Contemporary style exteriors offer more creativity and striking elements than modern architecture. Often featuring asymmetrical details and plenty of natural light. It’s not surprising that these homes are considered the most eye-catching exterior style.

3. Tudor

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Tudor homes are characterized by stucco exteriors and decorative half-timbering. Overlay garage doors best accompany this classic style exterior – choose between our faux wood overlay style, Shoreline, natural wood, or steel.

4. Modern Farmhouse

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The modern farmhouse home style gains popularity in recent years. It includes exterior design elements or even interior decor. These homes are typically all white, featuring a covered porch, an abundance of windows, and black or natural wood trim.

5. Colonial Door

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A colonial home identifies by its symmetrical structure and simple, rectangular shape. It’s important to choose a garage door that will reflect these characteristics without taking away from your home’s historic charm. We recommend choosing a classic, modest style from our Timeless or Carriage Collections.

6. the Mediterranean

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Popular in Southern California and the Southwest, Mediterranean style homes typically feature plaster or stucco exterior surfaces and tiled roofs. Wood garage doors aesthetically pair well with this style of home. Faux wood tones are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners not wanting to deal with the maintenance of real wood.

7. Craftsman

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The craftsman home is known for its covered front porch, tapered columns supporting the roof, and mixed stone or brick exterior materials. These exteriors are quite versatile. Depending on the look you’re going for, there are a number of garage door styles that will complement your craftsman facade.

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