6 Minimal Kitchen Managing For Minimalist Personality Owners

Minimalism isn’t just about the number of things you own. It’s about paring down to the essentials and finding contentment in owning less. This applies to every part of your life, for example, your wardrobe, the items in your room, and even your kitchen.

6 Minimal Kitchen Managing For Minimalist Personality Owners

Simplifying into a minimalist kitchen always starts with removing the utensils and appliances you aren’t using and don’t need. This means your kitchen can be decluttered very inexpensively with only a little time and thoughtful consideration. You may consider these things for a minimalist kitchen.

1. Pendant Light Kitchen


Install lights to brighten up the entire kitchen. You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen, and I always down-light with decorative fixtures over the island and prep station. Good lighting, plenty of it, is incredibly important while cooking.

2. Organizer Inside The Cabinet


For any small space (kitchens or otherwise), getting organized is essential. When space comes at a premium, you can’t afford to waste any of it—even the hidden space inside your cabinets. Stock up on risers, spice-sorting systems, and anything else that will streamline and maximize your kitchen storage.

3. Floating Kitchen Table

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If your L-shaped kitchen faces a blank wall, why not make use of it? Install a floating shelf or table for extra counter or dining space. Dealing with a narrow space? Install a table that can fold down to be flush with the wall when not in use.

4. Minimalist Kitchen Island


Even if your kitchen is on the narrow side, you can still bring in a slim kitchen island. Consider a rolling island, which can be pushed out of the way once dinner is ready. Put it on wheels so that when you’re working and you need an island, it’s there, and when the guests arrive, you can push it over to the side or move it into the dining room or living room and let it be the bar.

5. Simple Dining Nook


The shape of the room can have just as big of an impact as the square footage. It’s important to pay attention to the structure of your kitchen. If you have a small dining nook, then go for a round table that opens up floor space and seats more people than a square one would.

6. Unexpected Floor Tile


Wolf says the floor—an often overlooked area of a kitchen—is the perfect place for a high-impact design element. A patterned floor will give the illusion of a greater expanse to space. Mixing it up with either chevron or herringbone wood-floor patterns or even using hand-painted cement tile for a more bohemian feel.

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