Show Your Halloween Spirits With 6 Spooky Front Door Decor

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There’s nothing quite like decorating for Halloween. Whether you’re hanging faux cobwebs above your dining room table, rigging creepy crawlers to jump out at unsuspecting passersby, or getting cutesy with candy corn cutouts.

Show Your Halloween Spirits With 6 Spooky Front Door Decor

Putting up Halloween decorations can be almost as fun as celebrating the holiday itself. And even with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting how many consumers will celebrate Halloween this year, it’s still the highest-ranking Halloween activity.

1. Ghosts on the Porch

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Haunting, huh? These lacy creeps are probably the chicest a ghost has ever looked. Bonus: They’re super easy to make! Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess and then hang them either inside or out!

2. Hand Out Candy Creatively

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You may not have a giant candelabra on hand, but you probably have some summer lanterns (and you can always just use smaller candelabras). Refresh them for Halloween by filling them up with candy and placing them on top of faux spiderwebs. See more at Sugar and Charm.

3. Set Up a Pumpkin Bucket

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If you aren’t going to be home (or don’t want to answer the door) on Halloween night, fill a pail up with candy and put on top a bale of hay. Add a skeleton and some pumpkins and you’re ready for trick-or-treaters!

4. Stairs with Skulls

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Line your front steps (or walkway) with skulls. If you want something a little more colorful (and less spooky), paint them into sugar skulls!

5. Amusing Board

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Hand-paint a sign, add some black shoes, throw in a broom and you’ve got a wicked witch-themed porch. Do one better and add a sound bite of “I’ll get you my pretty” playing on loop.

6. Zombie Graveyard

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The walking dead can come straight out of your backyard with these clever pumpkins. Position them in front of fake tombstones for a truly creepy cemetery.

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