6 One-Hour Yard Improvement Projects

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You all want better yard; backyard and front yard. But, sometimes you don’t have enough time, in other words, you have many busy schedules. You don’t have time a full weekend or full week to commit to do-it-yourself yard improvement.

6 One-Hour Yard Improvement Projects

For you who want a better yard for entertaining areas, the key is finding the right time to complete a yard improvement project that will get you closer to having the yard of your dream. However, making time is not always easy. So, this improvement project can inspire you to focus to spend your spare time creating and improving the yard for you.

1. Clear the Clutter

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The first step in any plan to improve your yard is clearing the clutter. You can find a permanent home for dog beds, children’s toys, yard tools, and other necessary items so that they can be put away when not in use. The next task is removing useless items from the area to free up more space for entertaining. And creating a clutter-free area is for relaxing. Well, now is a good time to remove all unwanted or dead plants and bushes.

2. Trim Trees, Hedges, and Bushes

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The next task to a better yard is grabbing the hedge trimmers and taking on those overdue pruning tasks. You need to trim low-hanging tree branches, get the hedges back in shapes, and the last, tame the bushes that are threatening to take over the yard. This step is crucial for your yard to clean up.

3. Repair and Replace

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Besides, you will want to consider landscaping features that are already in the yard that are in need of repair or replacement. It a pond could be an attractive feature but needs a new pump, then use your spare time to start making these repairs to get the current features in working order.

4. Paint the Planters

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Next, garden containers are a great choice for folks who like to garden but who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to yard work. If you’re a bit on the crafty side and like to paint, then you can take on this simple project to enhance the look. Also, add a pop of vibrant color or refreshing the look of faded planters. It will help transform a lackluster space into an inviting entertaining area.

5. Install Hook to Hang Plants

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If you need a bit more privacy, color, or visual interest, you can accomplish all three by hanging flower pots. Take an hour to install hooks along the top of the patio, porch, or pergola, and hang planters filled with colorful blooms or any other plants you love.

6. Feed the Flowers

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When your schedules fill up with work, family, and social obligations, fertilizing often falls to the wayside. It causes those annuals that you planted to bring color to your yard can lose their luster. In fact, it just takes a few minutes to feed flowers to help them stay healthy and bloom to their fullest potential.

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