7 Patio Shade Ideas for Your Backyard and Front Yard

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When it comes to picking patio shades for the backyard or front yard, it can be very interesting. Whether you’re searching for temporary shade or a permanent fixture to stay shielded from the sun. There are many ideas you can add more shade to your outdoor space (backyard and front yard).

7 Patio Shade Ideas for Your Backyard and Front Yard

Backyard and front yard shade solutions can vary in cost and design, thus it’s crucial to explore your options. Below some of my favorite patio shade ideas for the backyard and front yard, you can copy. Find the perfect one to fill your outdoor living space.

1. Perfect White Pergola

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A pergola shade is great for your outdoor space. This pergola is for those who look for a permanent shade option. This pergola gives a way to create a shaded outdoor space ready to be decorated with plants. Pergolas can be connected to the home to best suit your backyard, front yard, or patio.

2. Wooden Pergola with Pretty Flowers

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Besides that, this wooden pergola with its beautiful flowers is also interesting. This design allows air to flow into your space. It also helps reduce the temperature by blocking sunlight. Furthermore, you can add a freshness by installing a hanging planter in the side.

3. Sun Shade Looks

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This idea is one of great as well. The sunshades can attach to the exterior of your home and can be rolled up or down as needed. This shade allows air to pass into your space. It also can block the sunlight to reduce the temperature.

4. Exposed Shade Looks

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Furthermore, if you’re looking for something different, you can have this shade. This is a smart temporary option for your outdoor areas. You can make them a great choice for a gathering with your family or friends. It complete with a tall curtain to add an extra layer of sun protection.

5. Comfy Canopy Shade Look

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This canopy shade is perfect for creating an impressive area to celebrate parties. Most designs pop up easily and carry away small enough to store in the garage or basement. Then, you can store a sofa bed, coffee table and bring indoor plants in it.

6. Brick and Stone Shade Look

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Further, if you are looking for something natural and timeless, this brick and stone shade could be yours! You can build this shade during your weekend or less (if it’s possible). Besides, this backyard shade structures can be permanent. It provides shade and shelter in your outdoor space.

7. Inspiring Forest Shade Look

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This forest shade could be a permanent fixture. Looking fresh, cool, and calm from the natural canopy from vines. You can add colors to your outdoor furniture. Then, hang these comely fairy lights above your dining table.
So, have you decided which one of these patio shade you will pick?

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