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6 Lovely Picture Frame Ideas

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Talking about photographs is always healing. It can be a great way to distress your mind, also you can take photos of your loved one as much as you can. Your photographs deserve better than a boring frame. Then, it’s time for you to focus on creating such a lovely picture frame for yours.

6 Lovely Picture Frame Ideas

A simple thing can make your photographs looks incredible. So, given below some ideas for your picture frame you can follow!

1. Black-and-White Frame

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The black-and-white frame is timeless. It can bring a beautiful memory in every shot. Since simple design being so popular now, this black-and-white frame could share beautiful moments with the world. Take some favorite memories and print them on paper, then frame them in this black-and-white. Hang them in your living space or bedroom, it’s optional for you.

2. Pulley Hanging Picture Frame

Source: 33decor.com

Then, you can get creative to create such a unique frame for your memorable shots. If you often see hanging frames using rope, you can do it by using Palley. It sounds weird, yet it results in an unusual. Besides, it enhances your wall looks vintage.

3. Staircase Decor with Frame

Source: ideiasdecor.com

If you think that using staircase space for displaying your photos would make it looks crowded, think more! But, it can be awesome wall decor. You can frame your picture in any size, shape, and colors you want. This gold and black frame are looking elegant. If you like this idea, you can copy it.

4. DIY Wooden Frame

Source: www.fromthearmchair.net

Before buying new frames, you may check one more if there is an unused thing you can reuse. This DIY wooden frame made of an old frame. This may be a good idea for those who have a small budget. Besides, it gives you a vintage vibe that looks chic. Further, you can gather your favorite photos by hanging them using wire in this wooden frame.

5. White Frame with Gold Hardware

Source: bloglovin.com

Being classic and modern at the same time. This photo frame could be a great project for pretty much anyone. You don’t have to be a good DIYer. You can buy these frames in the market. Further, take some time to select your favorite photo and print them in a black-and-white tone. The result is perfect when incorporated with this frame.

6. Rope Hanging Frame

Source: anthropologie.com

Beside using Palley to hang your shots, you could also use the rope. Using frames at varying sizes, shapes, and colors you like. Then, hang your collection using the rope and of course hook. It’s very simple and affordable since you can DIY these frames. After that, hang your photos in a diverse high. The result is wonderful.

If you like these ideas, you can do the project by yourself. After that, you just hang some pictures on your wall space with those lovely picture frames. Good luck!

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