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How to Bring Mid Century Style in Your Home

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Talking about Mid Century will bring us back in World War II. The mid-century influences from architecture to textiles. It describes in the middle of 1940 to 1970. Mid Century gives us a clean line, classic, understated look, sleek lines, and uncluttered.

How to Bring Mid Century Style in Your Home

Not to mention, you will find color and material from plastic. It dramatically influenced Mid Century. Mid Century uses traditional material (wood) and non-traditional material (metal, plywood, glass, vinyl, and Lucite). If you want to bring Mid Century style to your home, here are some suggestions for you to get it. Let’s jump!

01. Install Wallpaper

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It’s great for adding a statement wallpaper. This geometric wallpaper undoubtedly will be popular all the time. You can add to your home to get a Mid-Century feel.

02. Dramatic Lighting

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Too, you could also bring in such dramatic lighting in your living space, dining room, or bedroom. To get a Mid-Century vibe, you can choose the lighting that made of metal. It definitely will add charm to your home.

03. Choose Aesthetic Chair

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Choose a piece of aesthetic furniture. In this case, you can opt for any kind of mid-century chic for your chair. There are a ton of choices you can find. Pairing traditional and non-traditional. Then, you can mix and match with glass coffee table. It perfectly creates a great unity.

04. Add Mid-Century Coffee Table

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If you choose a Mid-Century style of decor, you can add a metal coffee table. It states your living space. This metal coffee table perfectly is simple must-have furniture that shines mid-century into your home. There are so many options for non-traditional furniture in the store.

05. Pick Mid-Century Dresser

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Another must-have furniture you should have to bring a mid-century into your home is a dresser. Indeed, this dresser will take your home back in time to that artistic era. A touch of tradition from the wood element and mid-century vibe can bring a warm and homey feel in your home.

06. Be Fun with Mirrors

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No matter what style of decor you pick, mirrors will be always must-have accessories for your home. They can add light, create an airy feeling, and make your room feel larger. Not to mention, mirrors are also can be placed in each space.

07. Bring in Houseplants

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Furthermore, adding a touch of nature can be done by installing houseplants. This is a great way to add charm to your home. Then, you can use an aesthetic planter to store them. There are many options you can choose from. This Mkono plant stand is looking incredible for your decor.

There are many concepts you can use to bring a mid-century chic in your home. Hoping these ideas will inspire you!

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