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6 Fun and Exciting Color Scheme Ideas

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The largest initial impact on how you feel in a space is the colors of a space that have. There are many colors you can discover and apply to your home. Are the colors soft and dreamy? Bold and vibrant? Or are they muted and serene?

6 Fun and Exciting Color Scheme Ideas

The home is a wonderful place to introduce a color scheme that suits the mood you want to hold most while you’re there. If you are interested in learning about colors scheme to create a space you desire, here are some suggestions for you. Let’s jump!

1. Elegant Dark Blue

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Dark Blue is colors that can make your room looks cozy and calm. If you apply this color to your bedroom or living room, it will look friendly and inviting. Be sure to incorporate some tones (e.g. bright furniture pieces) to get great unity. Try it!

2. Cool Middle Grey

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Secondly, middle grey is also one of the common color schemes people choose, especially for their living room. It creates a cool and cozy feel. Though, some people think that this color refers to sadness and dirty. The living room color scheme is modern, fresh, and contemporary. It is all good reasons for leaning this way in a living room’s décor.

3. Cozy and Warm Forest Green

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Then, a forest green also intriguing to be applied in your living room. What a warm color of forest green color scheme. Forest green with earthy a piece of furniture is no exception. The intensity and darkness of this color could be a little awful. Yet, you can solve this problem by making the room feel alive and inviting to ensure plenty of natural light. The result is a perfect color scheme.

4. Baby Blue

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Furthermore, for those who like the bright color scheme, you can have this baby blue. Besides, this baby blue looks marvelous with a deep maroon. The combination of the blue and white ceiling creates such a fantastic color scheme for your living room. As well as that, it also makes the room feel homey.

5. Scarlet Red

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Also, you can combine dark and light color schemes into your living room. This scarlet red and light purple could be a good choice. Adding a piece of furniture in the same color will add a pretty look.

6. Pure White with Colorful Decoration

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Besides, the most common color scheme people choose is white. A room whitishness tends to feel soft, light, and bright. To complete your living room color scheme, add a few colorful elements. You can display a fun pillowcase (at any varying colors), table decoration, and lots more.

To get such an appealing, cozy, and warm feel in your living space you can pick a color scheme that can create those feelings. On the other hand, you could also combine with a piece of furniture.

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