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Smart Small Storage Design Ideas Can Change Your Life


What do you think if your room looks messy? What will you do? Of course, you will clean up all the things, so your room will be organized and tidy, right? To hide all things you may build smart storage. Even though you’re lack of space, yet you still do it.

Smart Small Storage Design Ideas Can Change Your Life

These following ideas will guide you to create smart storage. With the right strategies, it’s easy to live small and store well. Well, I’ll show you how to organize your home with smart storage ideas for you. Let’s have a look!

01. Ceiling Storage


Get inspired! This storage is special for this lack of floor space. It could be nice if you build this one in your room. With exposed storage, simple design and it can free up your floor space. So, don’t be worried anymore what if you have no big space to build storage. You can make this ceiling storage.

02. Clear Up The Countertop


Where do you usually store your herbs and spices? Is it on a countertop or wall? Now, you can hide them all and your kitchen will look tidier. Build storage in storage. What does it mean? Ya, you could create smart storage in cabinetry. You can use door space to build it. It seems like floating shelves.

03. Shoe Storage Under The Bed


Again, you can use every single thing and space in your home, under your bed no exception. Storage under the bed is not one only effective storage for us. It is easy to make, effortless, and of course affordable. Using rolling boxes that easy to draw out and help you to organize your shoes.

04. Floating Shelve


A floating shelve is also effective for those who don’t want to clutter the floor space. This storage can be a nightstand and storage at the same time. Build them in different size and color if it needed. Then, you also add charm to it by installing pretty artificial flower decor.

05. Free Up The Floor

Source: Yandex.Collections

Again, when you run out of space in your kitchen to store the groceries, don’t panic! There are many possibilities to create storage, though in less space. Hang them! You can make hanging storage using baskets. It could be one of great since it will eat up your space. Stack the baskets then place the storage on the ceiling.

06. Shoes Wall Storage


Small space doesn’t give much space for storing your stuff. This wall storage can help you to tidy up your shoes. It seems great if you place them in your mudroom. On the other hand, it will make your room look crowded, yet it could add chic to your room.

07. Use Basement


The basement is one of the common spaces that people use to hide any kind of thing. You could use a basement under your bedroom to keep your clothes, shoes, and others. This storage is one of the craziest. It can free up your room perfectly. Just try it!

Is it easy to build storage in a small space, right? So, which one do you prefer? Then, you can tell me in the comment below!

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