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The Best Home Architecture Online for Kitchen-Planning


Home architecture online also supports specific purposes, such as kitchen-planning. There have been loads of mobile applications and computer programs online for home remodeling. Besides, there are two types of applications: free and paid programs. For free programs, you should be contented with the applications and templates offered in the software.

The Best Home Architecture Online for Kitchen-Planning

We can call it a basic design program with loads of templates. Furthermore, for a paid program, there must be various choices and details, since the kitchen needs extra attention for the component spacing. Once you need the kitchen-specific design application, here are some best apps for you:

01. SmartDraw


This application was firstly come in 1994 but its features have attracted 500 companies and more than 250 thousand both public and private institutions. What makes it appropriate to choose is because it has about 70 types of visuals, such as graphs, flowcharts, and schematics. The price of this app is somewhat higher for personal use as it supports various details.

02. SketchUp


This is free and easy to learn. You may call it as a basic design tool. For professional or Institutions, there are more expensive but completed yet powerful app, which is SketchUp Pro.

03. Prodboard


This is a simple app-based in Ukraine. So, if this app is running with Russian text, you could do the right-click and hit ‘Translate to English’. Then you are able to do it by yourself.

04. IKEA Home Planner

Source: ikea-home-kitchen-planner.en.softonic.c

This is a free kitchen design app but can be used for designing the entire home as well. You can easily start building, remodeling, and designing a kitchen or the entire home without setting up an account. But in the end, you need to make one save your work. In this app, you will see whether the cabinets fit the placement area or not. This is just the way a real cabinet work. You may have been imagining that this app will stir you to their own products and create a shopping list. But don’t you worry, you can keep using the app without intending to shop in IKEA.

05. Punch! Software


This app is more complex and for company use. It offers numerous and various design tools.

06. Space Designer 3D


This is super popular and has been used by over five million users. The photorealistic graphics give you the accurate representation of your soon-to-be final work.

So, which does attract you the most?

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