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10 Minimalist Wall Art DIY That Will Take Your House To The Next Level


Home sweet home. Home is a place to gather, tell stories, share experience, and to spend time with the loved one. To make your home looks stylish and feel homey we can create home decor. Adorning a home is one of the important things in creating such a cozy home.

10 Minimalist Wall Art DIY That Will Take Your House To The Next Level

The indoor decoration is also the most crucial decor that people always think before their outdoor decor. There are tons of concepts you can pick to makeover each room in your home. If you live in a minimalist home design, you can create DIY art with minimalist style as well. So, today, I would prove some minimalist DIY art to dress up your room in a minute. Let’s check this out!

1. Floating Wall Décor

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All you need to make this floating wall decor is a frame and leave. Stick the leave on the frame using glue. This decorative wall art could impress your guests due to it looks very unique and chic. You can make them at the varying size of frame with any kind of leave.

2. Black and White Wall Décor


These colors are always the best color ever for any home décor. With this color, we can make any home décor, like wall décor. Using printable and then store it in a pretty frame.

3. Dream Catcher


Some people believe that they have a dream catcher in their room, they won’t get a nightmare. So, it is great ideas for having this dream catcher, especially for bedroom décor. You can DIY a dream catcher by following steps from the internet. Moreover, you can choose the color of it freely. Pairing with leather and colorful yarn will attract your wall space.

4. Wreath


Not only on Christmastime, but you could also have a wreath for your everyday decoration. All you need to make this wreath is by using wood ring and leaves or another greenery season. Just make the simple wreath with vary height. You will get a fresh look from the greenery season. A simple design for such an incredible DIY wall art.

5. Macramé


A macramé is made of yarn or wool with beautiful looks. This black macramé can be created during a holiday or weekend. This macramé also has a simple design, thus you can make it easier. You can have this wall art without breaking your bank account. Then, hang it in your bedroom, the living room in your office room.

6. Hanging Poster


For those who like to take pictures in every moment, I bet you have tons of arts, posters, or photos collection. You can create something special from your photo collection. Fill your wall space with this minimalist hanging photo decoration with black and white touch. You can hang a photo and another Pinteresque décor. To complete it adds an indoor plant.

7. Rosy Can Planter


If you have unused can, you could recycle the can then create something new from it. A planter. Using a can that is stained with rosy color can create such an intriguing planter. When you look for something simple, practice, and easy yet resulting in beauty, you could have this planter.

8. Spoon Wall Art


How about this wall art? Feeling bored and need something new for your wall décor you can use a spoon. All you need is a spoon and paint in varying colors. First, stain the spoon then let them dry. After that, this spoon can be stored on the wall. It looks fascinating for your wall.

9. Wooden Wall Art


Vintage, rustic, or farmhouse? Don’t worry, this wall art can fit in any home design. A modest and rustic style from this wall art is easy to make. Paint the wood with different colors.

10. String Wall Art


Inviting succulent into your room can be done by displaying this string wall art décor. To make this wall art, you need board, yarn at the varying color, and a hook.

Have fun with your DIY wall art!

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