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5 Ways to Make Simple Wall Decoration, A Cost-Effective Personal Decoration


Who doesn’t want the home to look beautiful? Of course, it’s not just arranging the house with furniture and a few items, but how we decorate the house to be more beautiful to look at. To decorate a house, there are many things that we can do. One of them is to decorate the walls in the house so that it can give a beautiful feeling that we want.

5 Ways to Make Simple Wall Decoration, A Cost-Effective Personal Decoration

To decorate the wall can be done in various ways, such as hanging wall hangings in the form of accessories, wallpapers, paintings, and much more. Many of these items are sold in the market at various forms and prices, from cheap to expensive.

However, you can also get wall hangings in a way that is easier and cheaper, namely by making it through your own creativity. Well, this time I will share some ways to make your own wall hangings for your home with simple tools and equipment.

01. Wall Decoration from the Newspaper


Wall decoration material on this one is certainly very easy to get. Yes, with old newspapers you can decorate your plain walls more alive. In addition to the house, you can use newspapers in your house so it’s not in vain thrown away.
The way to make wall hangings is also very easy.

First, choose a colored newspaper. Then, fold like you want to make a fan out of paper. Then, bring each end of the fan so that it forms a circle. Make sure the sticks between the fans don’t be too tenuous to make it look neat. Then, stick to the wall using glue or double-sided tape. If you feel you are not perfectly attached, you can use nails to stick it on the wall.

02. Wall Hangings from Used Cardboard Rolls


Not only used newspapers, but you can also make wall hangings from other used items, one of them is from used cardboard roll in a cylindrical tube-shaped. How to make wall hangings from used tissue rolls is also not difficult. You only need to flap each cardboard roll of tissue, then cut it into pieces with the same width between one to two centimeters.

Once collected, the carton that was flattened earlier will form like a beautiful flower petal. Then assemble the petals with glue. You can also give a touch of color with poster paint or spray paint to make the wall decoration more attractive. You can attach this wall decoration to your room near the bed or the living room near the TV table.

03. Wall Decoration from a Straw


The campaign to protect the environment by reducing the use of straws certainly makes us also have to be more careful in utilizing small items that can’t be recycled. One way is to make it as a wall decoration like in the picture above. Wall decoration that resembles the sun will make your house look more alive.

Before attaching straws to the walls of your house, you can dye straws with paint or coloring to make it more interesting. Then, arrange the straws to form the shape you want on the wall of your house. To paste it, you can use strong adhesive glue.

04. Wall Decorations Made of Origami Paper


This origami paper wall decoration is perfect for beautifying your bedroom. How to make a wall decoration from origami paper begins with folding origami paper into the shape of a bird. Don’t forget to choose colors that match the theme of your room.

When you have finished forming a bird from the origami paper, you can look for dried tree branches and attach the paper birds using glue or string ties on each branch so as to make the birds seem to be perched on a tree branch. This wall decoration will beautify the room or room in your house.

05. Wall Decoration From Gift Paper


Sometimes when we give a gift to a friend or whoever it is, there are still many remnants of gift paper scattered. Don’t throw it right away because you can also use the used wrapping paper to make artistic wall hangings in your home. How to make a wall decoration from gift paper can also increase your creativity, you know!

Prepare cardboard in the size of the photo frame. Then, paste the remnants of wrapping paper to your liking to form beautiful abstract works. Now, after all the cardboard is covered with wrapping paper, hang the frame on the wall of your house, the artistic decoration of wrapping paper is ready to decorate the walls of your house.

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