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10 DIY Planter Ideas To Give A Festive and Fun Look


A flower is always being a part of our life. It is always fun when staring at a blooming flower. The beautiful color of the flower can make us happy, like something also blooming in our hearts. Whether you have or you just receive it, the flower is always being a part of our life.

10 DIY Planter Ideas To Give A Festive and Fun Look

For those whose flowers they will look after them carefully. When your plants need more space to grow up, what will you do? Do you buy some planters? How about making planters by yourself? It will be more effective and you don’t need to spend your money. You can use anything around you. Thus, here some suggestions for you that I’ve prepared.

01. DIY Modern Clay Planter


If you like something adorable for your planter this clay planter is a great idea. This clay planter is original and cool with a fresh handmade feel. You can decorate them by adding any accessories like googly eyes. Make them in any different size and height.

02. DIY Wooden Hanging Planter


This hanging planter can beautify your indoor and outdoor area. With original looks and natural touch, you will get a pretty and chic planter for your plants. You can store any kind of your plants in this planter, especially vine. A very interesting planter to be invested.

03. DIY Clay Planter


If you like a traditional touch and natural feel you can make this clay planter. It is easy to make and it’s cheap too. You can plant any flower in these clay potters. To make your home more eye-catching you should arrange this planter in a pretty design. As we know, from this picture the clay potter is stored in a standing cupcake. The result is so adorable.

04. DIY Succulent Planter

Source: Yandex.Collections

Are you a big fan of succulent? Absolutely, you like any varying planter to store them. You can prettify the planter with goods around you. There are many tips to make the planter such as by using fabric, an old knitted hat or you can paint the planter with fun color.

05. DIY String Planter


This planter is one of my favorite planters. Looking incredible and adorable with a simple design. You can make it at home during the weekend. All you need is yarn, wooden block stick, and glue. This string planter can be installed for your coffee table decoration.

06. DIY Pin Clothes Planter


Using pin clothes you can make such an appealing planter. No need to cost much money to make this DIY planter. This is also easy to make, just clip these pin clothes to the potter. The result is very eye-catching and incredible.

07. DIY Ceramic Planter


Having so many ceramic mug or bowl you can utilize them to be a planter. Turn them into indoor planters and beautify your indoor room with them. If you like, you can also use ice cream glass to make a planter. Plant your vegetables, spices, or herbs in this ceramic planter.

08. DIY Container Planter


Another way to create an adorable planter is by using containers. If you have unused containers that are rusty and look aged, you can renew them by staining them up. Not only for the living room, bedroom, or porch, but these container planters can also be stored in your kitchen area. Thus, your kitchen will look fresh and intriguing.

09. DIY Plastic Bag Planter


Cheap, simple yet resulting in an amazing planter. Using plastic bags for making planter can help to reduce the amount of plastic rubbish. Besides, these plastic bag planters are easy to make and affordable as well. Hang them on the ceiling and install them at varying height.

10. DIY Arty Planter


The handmade feel from this planter can be seen from this arty planter. All you need is paint (any different colors). Explore your creativity to make these arty planters. You can make them in polka dot, line, and another pattern you wish. Mixing the color, so you will get such a fascinating and fun planter.

Is it easy to make a DIY planter right? You can travel your creativity, taste, and style to make your planter. Hoping these inspiring ideas can help you! Good luck!

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