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7 Home Design Applications That Make It Easy for You to Design Your Dream Home

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The living room is arranged in harmony with the design of the dining room until the bedroom is everyone’s dream. Although the work of interior designers is a profession that requires certain skills, it does not mean that ordinary people should not try to tamper with the design of their dream home.

7 Home Design Applications That Make It Easy for You to Design Your Dream Home

For those of you who want to try to design your own home, you can try a user-friendly home design application. Thus, you can have a home design as you wish. Well, for those of you who are confused about any good home design applications, let’s try the selected home design applications that I have summarized below!

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

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For interior design enthusiasts, you must already know this home design application called Houzz. The Houzz home design application serves as a source of inspiration for home renovation, interior design, and decoration. Now there is a home design application from Houzz that provides up to more than 15 million high-quality photos, according to their respective categories and styles.

In addition to cool ideas, you can also exchange ideas and get expert advice through this home design application. In this home design application, there is also a View My Room feature that is already connected to the camera so that the image of the home design will increasingly look real and clear in your home. This home design application is perfect for you who are still having trouble imagining the dream home design.

2. 3D-Anuman Home Design

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Often referred to as the best home design application, you can create, renovate, decorate, and fill virtual room furniture at home through this Home Design 3D home design application. Even more cool, according to the name of the home design application itself, there is a three-dimensional display that can be shared with other devices and platforms. Not only that, but this home design application can also be used while offline so that this home design application has high functionality that will greatly facilitate your use.

3. 5D Planner- Home & Interior Design Creator

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This home design application has a variety of 2D and 3D features, both exterior and interior. The realistic appearance and editor features allow you to edit and create your own dream home without any restrictions. There are also sources of inspiration in the form of catalogs that you can use online or offline. This home design application is quite easy to use.

4. Floor Plan Creator

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Want to have a detailed and precise home design? Try using the Floor Plan home design application. This home design application can be used in 2D or 3D views. Not only that, but this home design application also provides real and realistic professional sensations.

There are many cool features available in the Floor Plan home design application, from designing multi-story houses in various forms to automatic calculations of the number of rooms, walls, and space. In addition, there are also features of a virtual tour-style view, to the symbols that will facilitate you when designing.

5. Magicplan

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This Magicplan home design application is perfect for those of you who want to renovate a house because this home design application uses the camera scan method. The Magicplan home design application will then be drawn into your new design plan.

The results of this scan can be saved in the form of jpg, pdf, png, CSV, and also other formats as needed. In addition, you can also add up to 1000 more items to the room plan, then start arranging them easily. This home design application is also compatible with Excel, AutoCAD, and Chief Architect.

6. HomeStyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

Source: ideas4homes.com

For those of you who don’t want to be left behind and want to continue to update on the latest trends and tips, try downloading this one home design application. Through this home design application, you can visualize furniture and decoration before buying it. The trick is very easy, you just need to click the picture in the room and start creating colors or decorations as you wish. This home design application is also free and can be shared to be enjoyed by other users.

7. Pinterest

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One more old name that has never been absent for a matter of room inspiration and interior design is the Pinterest home design application. Pinterest comes in a form that is well known to many people, this home design application refers more to inspiration, ideas, and concept drawings of home design, ranging from the living room, kitchen space, bedroom, to the design of the garden or terrace. As a home design application, you can create your own imageboard. Apart from that, you can also share pictures with other users.

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