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10 Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Designs


Small houses usually have a living area measuring 3×3 meters. With limited space, take advantage of intelligent interior design, especially for the design of the living room.

10 Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Designs

Minimalist living room design can be the main option for small homes. Carrying the principle of “Less is More”, minimalist living room design eliminates elements that are actually not important and prioritizes functions without leaving appearance.

01. Minimalist Living Room Design by Decor Aid

Source: visualizationinarchitecturedrawing1.blo

Every beautiful house has unique stories behind it. For this house, the story begins with a pair of lovers who are still young – the husband comes from England and his wife comes from the United States, where they need a renovation of a minimalist modern living room design to welcome their first baby.

The walls of this house are coated with white paint and combined with black tones for window and door framing. This minimalist living room design utilizes simple yet luxurious decorations such as a wooden round table with marble lining as a base and a long cream-colored sofa. Minimalist living room design should not be excessive so that the living room does not look cramped.

02. Look Modest with a Minimalist Living Room Design


This one living room really carries the principles of minimalist design well. Not excessive and modest, minimalist living room design utilizes colorful decorations in the middle of the all-white living room to provide an attractive feel. White is one of the best interior paint colors that can be applied to show the impression of a wider space.

With lighting sourced from large window doors, the minimalist living room design seems more spacious. Do not forget, also use decoration in the form of carpet in a minimalist living room design. Wide cream-colored carpet is able to create a comfortable feel for the living room of this house.

03. Simple Modernity as a Minimalist Living Room Design


Minimalism is always synonymous with modernity. The simplicity of the minimalist living room design by Josephine Ekstrom, a Swedish designer, creates a comfortable and soothing feel. The colors of white, beige, brown, and black fuse together.

Utilizing textile materials, this minimalist living room design makes anyone want to laze there. The desk lamp for reading shines shiny and the small round table sharpens the image of modernity in the living room.

04. Sofa Mat for Minimalist Living Room Design

Source: minimalistarchitecturehomes.blogspot.c

Legged couches do tend to be applied to the living room and are more popular than a sofa mat. However, it never hurts to try a sofa mat as the main decoration of a minimalist living room design. Sofa mats do not take up much space and are not difficult to mix and match.

Middle Eastern-patterned carpets and contemporary paintings in a minimalist living room design make a perfect mix for a simple living room that has aesthetic value in a small home.

05. Vintage Elements for Minimalist Living Room Design


The interior design of this house is made by a Polish designer, Loft Kolasinski, and architect firm Eike Becker Architekten. Do everything from interior layout to product design, including interior design for the living room. Some of the products are custom-made products specifically for minimalist spaces.

Furniture and other decorations emphasize the function and purity of design. In this house, there is no exaggeration, but the designers combine vintage and minimalist decorations together.

06. Minimalist Living Room Design Ala Studio Loft Kolasinski


Still being worked on by the same designer, Studio Loft Kolasinski renovates the interior of an old Polish house and applies an elegant, modern minimalist look. This house is from the 1930s. Adding historical aspects to its design, the architecture firm remake chairs designed by Jan Bocan, an architect from the Czech Republic in 1972.

The element of popular culture can be seen through wall paintings in the form of posters which are promotional material for films by director Polania in the late 80s. A living room table with a minimalist design gives a modern and minimalist image. Furniture design ideas from this house are very suitable to be applied to a minimalist living room design.

07. Minimalist colorful living room design


Most homes with minimalist designs apply a single color tone to the decor and walls of their homes. However, different from this one. The minimalist living room design applies colorful decoration elements to decorate.

Without reducing the essence of minimalist design, colorful sofas and carpets with cheerful motifs have succeeded in bringing a new atmosphere to the minimalist living room design. To give a cool and pleasant atmosphere of the house, also add living plants that not only function as decoration but as a source of oxygen from the house.

08. Classic Floral for Minimalist Living Room Design


The thing that makes the activity of compiling a minimalist living room design for a small house is the ease and generosity to decorate. Minimalism is indeed famous for its modern impression.

Classical elements that are arranged properly can create a modern impression for your minimalist living room design. This minimalist living room design uses classic visual elements such as floral cushions, old paintings, and flower pots.

Round floor carpets with brown textile colors and wooden table leg legs bring to life a modern minimalist impression that is actually a classic interior element. Adding a cross-section chair with a floral pattern can be an option to make the living room look more diverse.

09. Solid Wood Elements in a Minimalist Living Room Design


Solid wood elements that seem raw and rough can be processed into furniture and decoration for a minimalist living room design. The guest chair with a solid wood frame with a rattan gives a minimalist and clean look to the living room.

Rattan basket in the living room can also be a beautiful and functional decoration for the living room. Another decoration that you can use is a unique resin decoration that is trending lately.

10. Minimalist Monochrome Living Room Design


Black and white are the basic colors. The combination of colors can create the impression of a modern minimalist home that is elegant and luxurious. With black round table furniture and creamy white sofa chairs, your minimalist living room design will look simple but elegant.

You can apply this monochrome element in black and white patterned curtains. A pendant lamp with copper material wrapped in a black matte finish will enhance your minimalist living room design.

Small houses do have limited space, but you can try a minimalist living room design to create the impression of luxury and elegance.
In addition, you can still add a variety of functional furniture, such as bookshelves or display racks if there is still land available.

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