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7 Wonderful Living Wall Ideas

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While you are being inside and prepare for social distancing, and hunting for something new to add for your bare wall, then a living wall is the way to go. Living walls are crucial to a wall covered in living plants. They have many benefits to your living space.

7 Wonderful Living Wall Ideas

Not only to make your space eye-catching and beautiful, but they could also purify the air, reduce stress, and even muffle background noise in every room in your house. Fortunately, these seven wonderful living walls could add a great addition to your home.

1. Cooking Space Wall Living

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If you have ample light in your kitchen, then you are the lucky one. Consider a living wall in your kitchen. This statement-making living wall features an array of leafy greenery as a lovely backdrop to the neutral space. Further, if you decide to install a living wall, opt for plants that need similar care as you’ll water and feed them at the same time. Consider climbing and winding plants like pothos or philodendron are great starter options that are easy to care for.

2. Hanging Basket

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If you want to recreate the look without the hard work of creating a large display this lovely plant wall basket is a great choice. This hanging basket hung from the wall to show off various easy-to-care-for plants like pothos. This idea is also better for anyone who doesn’t want to spend ages pruning and updating their living wall.

3. Greenery for Office

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Bringing greenery to the office is one of the best ways to brighten up your space and encourage a little more productivity. When you decide to add a living wall, you don’t need much more decor. Air plants such as tillandsia are great choices for an office because they don’t need a lot of care.

4. Wall-mounted Planters

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An eclectic living room features an array of wall-mounted planters. You can incredibly easy to replicate and is a great way to bring a living wall into nearly any room, too.

5. Pegboard

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Pegboard is not only modern and fresh, but it’s also a great way to customize the display and change it up on a whim. Most hardware stores sell pegboard that you can cut to size to fit any space you want.

6. Plant Pockets

Source: plantsonwalls.com

Such a great way to hang up a bunch of small plants from the wall without a lot of effort. Choose various pockets for your living wall. They are perfect for medium air plants or small planters filled with ivy, evergreen, or pothos. Fortunately, forgoing a fully mounted modular system allows you to mix and match plants that need various watering and care schedules, and replace easily if one doesn’t survive, as well.

7. Plant Galore

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Do you love the use of various textures and colors on the wall? If you do, then this unconstructed display gives it a little more visual interest to your wall. When setting up your own living wall, consider the space between each plant, and ensure they have room to grow. Thus, you don’t find yourself re-doing the display after just a few months.

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