7 Super-Cute Mailbox for Your Outdoor Decorations

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Mailbox is one of ‘often’ your guests’ first impression. Many of the mailbox designs are highlighted by various kinds of decoration. These trendy mailbox designs always put together any interesting decoration.  The visual attention could be added by putting on fresh paint and a fun pattern. Further, you can also try a sticky design for the inside of your mailbox by applying wallpaper. It will make your letter carrier smile. Let’s have a look at this following idea!

7 Super-Cute Mailbox for Your Outdoor Decorations

1. Settler Ridge Trail Mailbox

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Firstly, this classic brown mailbox might make you fall in love. Its design is so simple like the common mailbox. This mailbox for your front yard is a great idea if your home is not close to the road. It can be easily reached by your kids.

2. Wooden Mailbox

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An appealing mailbox can share the joy with your neighbors and passing pedestrians, especially the letter carrier. You can have this mailbox using iron and wood as the mailbox stand. It is something simple and can your front yard appeal.

3. White Mailbox

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Besides, this pretty mailbox is also eye-catching from the design and fun pattern on it. Create this super cute mailbox and complete it with a lantern. A great combination of black and white color and unique iron to hang the lantern.

4. Temporary Mailbox

Source: ca-menerve.fr

Similarly, this shiny mailbox will attract the passing pedestrians and the letter carrier from this beautiful painting. If you can paint any object or view, you can make your mailbox as stunning as you desire. As this mailbox, with a pretty look from flower painting and a wheel could be very intriguing. Plus, you can paint it in any color you like.

5. Classic Black with Hanging Flower

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Next, if you want a classic mailbox, this classic black mailbox. You can make this mailbox with a dull mailbox and give black paint. The hanging flower will make it looks nice.

6. Wooden Mailbox in Classic Style

Source: needpix.com

Are you brick lovers? This brick mailbox will make you happy. With an ordinary mailbox and brick is one of great. This mailbox is amusing, however, you can dress up your mailbox.

7. A Mailbox from Milk Box

Source: tinyreactors.blogspot.com

Then, if you have unused milk boxes in your warehouse, you can turn it into a mailbox. I love this pretty idea to reuse a milk can. No need to paint the milk box, it’d be better in its color. It’s a great way to upcycle milk box.

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