7 Great Home Decor Trends for Fall 2020


In a blink of an eye, we’re in August, and wondering tomorrow will be September. Fall is here, comes closer and it’s time for a cozy, fresh, and warm home. Seriously, you’ve been cooped up with the same tired furniture for months, and it’s your time to shake things up. It’s a new season and it’s time to reenergize the spaces to spend all of your time.

7 Great Home Decor Trends for Fall 2020

There is seven great home decor you can tackle for this new season. A new space for a new season! This great home decor trends for fall 2020 embrace individuality, sustainability, and serenity. It includes Natural, Neutral and Greenery, Monochromatic, Moody and Dark, Caramel, Boho Vineyard, Witchy, and the last but not least, Bright Yellow. To get you started, look ahead to these ideas!

1. Natural, neutral and greenery


Indeed, natural, neutral, and greenery may not be a new trend for home decor. However, it is a unique trend for the fall season. You must step away from black and orange and stick with natural neutrals for this new season.

Moreover, bring the outside in by decorating your home for Fall. Choose in varied wood tones like birch and cedar. Also, consider colors you could found in nature like rust, gold, and coal. Don’t forget to gather vases full of leafy greens like eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, maple leaves, and bay leaves. Easy and fresh!

2. Monochromatic


From now on, fall is not only about the shade of orange. It’s a bit different, yet amazing. Pick Monochromatic home decor trend for Fall 2020. The smart trick is to pick similar tones, shades, and tints of color, versus going full matchy-matchy.

For walls, keep lighter shades on larger surfaces like walls. On the other hand, keep the more vibrant and saturated tones on smaller accents and furnishings. It would create a sophisticated and soothing space while making the room feel larger well. Play with tones and texture to create interest.

3. Moody and Dark


The temperature begins to drop and the days get shorter. It is nothing better than curling up with a good book in a nook and a hot of chocolate or tea (whatever you like). Opt for elegant, calming, and reflective for the dark and moody home decor.

Besides, upgrade your home fabrics to substantial and softer versions to keep this 2020 Fall trend budget-friendly. If you are worried about looking too old fashioned, consider adding concrete texture to your room to add an immediate modern flair.

4. Caramel


Fall 2020 is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasure. The caramel color is a perfect choice. Set your space that is peaceful, serene, clear of clutter, and your style.

You can create cozy neutral spaces in your home with soft furnishings and indulgent caramel accessories. An easy way to incorporate the trend with low commitment is by choosing supple leather pillow covers, honey wood cutting boards, and textured poufs.

5. Boho Vineyard


The darling of summer, Boho home decor. It is teaming up with burgundy and vines to create a new trend for fall 2020 – Boho Vineyard. Boho Vineyard is perfect for entertaining, especially for the fall season. It is a casual, no-fuss eclectic style.

Further, to keep the style grounded and not costumey, mix and match textures and natural elements. Combine vintage furniture with conversation-starter pieces and burgundy. The last, style a grapevine wreath to welcome your guests. It’ll be such an elegant fall decor 2020.

6. Witchy


The fall decor 2020 is “more is more”. This aesthetic style focuses on feminism and self-empowerment and rose to popularity during the #metoo movement. It embraces the sustainable living of gardening and natural objects.

Select home decor based on what you want to amplify and attract in your life. For a calm retreat from the unease of current events create stress-free living spaces with extra cozy blankets, soft colors, and velvety scents.

7. Bright Yellow


Corn is this year’s most surprising inspiration for home decor trends. For your fall decor with a modern twist, swap out orange leaves for corn husk.  The bright yellow is the perfect fall trend to test DIY skills and create a unique outdoor decor statement piece, too.

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