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6 Unexpected Fall Decor Trends 2020 You Can Start Combining Right Now

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You have given yourself the best workout to move furniture and accessories around in this hard time to gain a new look for your home. Fall is coming upon us. It is about cozying up to the front porch, the living room, and any other space. Despite the fact that summer is still in full swing and fall is just around the corner, you could get ready to transform your home into a sense of autumnal.

6 Unexpected Fall Decor Trends 2020 You Can Start Combining Right Now

Of course, there are all the common suspects when it comes to decorating for fall. It’s all about giving the room with warm, earthy colors, pieces of accessories in the shade orange, the rich texture, and scent. All of these invoke a cozy feeling no matter what season of years.

However, time is flying and some designers found unexpected trends you can try now. The trends come into play including play with lighting. They are fresh for all seasons too. Find them ahead, as well as some instances that would help you nail the look of your home.

1. Texture and Layering

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To make your space feel fresh, yet comfortable — to feel and touch layers of neutral textiles. Try textural throws, layered area rugs, and chunky, oversized knit pillows. They are such a great way to accomplish this in an effortless and approachable way.

Of those just enough? Of course, not. You can use another fabric that can instantly give a fall feel. Velvet! Such a fun trend for fall by using velvet upholstered furniture. Further, for a more affordable fix opt for a pillow cover instead.

2. Accents

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As I mentioned before, fall is cozying up to your space with warm accents. In 2020 bring in outside furniture for inside. It’s not just for patios anymore. Rattan is a perfect option for this. Since rattan is having a huge moment, you may notice lots of rattan this season. From chairs to tables and also vintage mirrors could support you who don’t want to invest in new furniture.

3. Color Palettes

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As we know, fall is always about shades of orange. Now, try something unexpected, yet cozy. Monochromatic palettes. The new design for fall 2020 is keeping the color together. Such as, if you have a blue velvet sofa, invest in some blue pillow. Another way is by mixing soft muted creams and white. It could be a huge moment for this coming season.

Investing in monochromatic palettes to your space, a classically fall hue is a good idea. So, go all-in on warm earth tones that give a nod to foliage. Moreover, golds, olives, tans, and browns can also have a similarly cozy effect on your space.

4. Lighting

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Layered lighting will evoke emotion and dramatically change up space by highlighting the moment. As usual, people use candlelight for fall to get a sense of warmth and (probably) romantic. Yet, you could use wall scones to get the layered effect.

5. A Touch of Nature

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Don’t forget to provide a touch of nature into your space. Pumpkins, dried flowers and leaves, branches, and so on. Particularly in this stressful time due to coronavirus, creating a soothing respite is crucial. By adding a touch of nature will offer a calming effect. A few simple ways to do exactly that include creating some flower or foliage arrangement or lighting a candle that gives the feeling of fall.

6. Snug Corners

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Creating a comfortable lounge vibe could be very easy. Try this in your home with the use of natural materials. You may use hardwood or choose ultra-cozy furniture pieces. Surely, it will beckon you to hunker down with a cup of tea and a good book.

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