10 Aesthetic Brick Farmhouse Exteriors to Modify Your Ordinary House

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Some people get interested in brick material to make as their house material. Brick can be useful for both interior and exterior house designs like porch, stair, and pathway. First of all, you need to consider the budget that you want to spend. Then, you should also get enough references related to it.

10 Aesthetic Brick Farmhouse Exteriors to Modify Your Ordinary House

After collecting references and preparing the budget, then you can start to modify the house. It is important for you in deciding which part of the house to change. As it will completely describe the house concept at all. Have a look the following brick farmhouse exteriors to copy:

1. Wall Material

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In improving the aesthetic aspect in their house, people sometimes prefer using simple and classy material like this white brick model. You can set this brick as a wall design for the house exterior. Combine it as the stair material to perform balance.

2. Small Size

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There are some brick models based on their size and shape. It will identify the quality and function. Choosing the right brick model is a good idea to describe the house concept, for example, this house applies traditional style thus it uses small brick to give such a unique and simple tone.

3. Black Brick

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Common brick colors are black and white that you can see in any house. It depends on the theme that you want to create, for instance choosing a black brick model will give you such a luxurious and mysterious look in your house. No need for any painting to invite elegance.

4. Creamy Brick

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Do you want to bring calm and bright at the same time? Thus, you may try creamy brick for the exterior wall design. It will be more complete to use parquet flooring in a similar tone. Combine with white pillar and white painted door.

5. Red Brick Domination

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This house plays totally with brick material as you can see. Wall exterior as, fence, pathway, and pillar material use brick in red. It will create such a complete classy house design. You will press the budget to buy a metallic fence or wall painting.

6. Brick Fireplace

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Some houses are designed with a fireplace like this cute house design. It has a wood fireplace that comes from the house interior. It is matchy with the wall material in red. Combine it with a white door and window.

7. White Brick Domination

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Previous house designs use a black brick model to create an elegant and luxurious look. Now, we try to invite a fresh and bright accent by using white brick for the wall exterior. It is dominated in white to totally bring balance.

8. High Ceiling Model

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Some simple brick wall exteriors are perfect for high ceiling house design. Black roof and wooden doors are the best combinations for white brick for wall exterior.

9. Black and Red Combination

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The most house uses a single brick model although it is okay to play with a combination. This house looks so different yet unique due to its double brick combination in terms of color.

10. Red and Gray

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The redbrick wall is not only good for black or white. You can bravely choose a gray tone for the door and it will create such a new look.

Which one is your best brick house exterior?

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