10 Great Ways of Modifying Kitchen with These Kitchen Country Home Decors


A modifying kitchen can be done in many ways. One of them is by decorating with country home decorations. You can mix and match country home decors that are suitable for any kitchen designs. You can mix and match based on your own taste. Buy some items at the home shop or ask a craftsman to make a kind of decorations that fit your mind.

10 Great Ways of Modifying Kitchen with These Kitchen Country Home Decors

Try to figure out on yourself before starting to make such country decorations. As it should be relevant to the entire kitchen design. The more you choose the right decorations, the more you get the best performance of kitchen design. Probably you need to make a list of activities that you want to do. The look at the following country home decor rules:

1. Farmhouse Sign

This kitchen looks gorgeous to add with a wooden sign above the kitchen cabinetry. It is written ‘farmhouse’ which represents a kitchen sign. You can paint the wooden sign in cream or just keep it as the original color.

2. Wooden White Board

This farmhouse sign looks unique as it is not hanged at the wall. It just uses a white wooden board to make a sign then place it at the corner of the cabinet. You don’t need to place any other decoration to make it a focal point.

3. Rose Gold Metal Decor

For those who love sophisticated metal decorations, you can hang more than one metal rose gold at the wall or hang ceiling. Choose kitchen utensils in rose gold-tone.

4. Tray with Sign

Making a farmhouse sign does not always mean you should use a wooden board to patch at the wall. Sometimes, you can replace it with a wooden tray to give a simple sign. It is functional as decoration as performing aesthetic aspect and functional as a storage place.

5. Rustic Wooden Sign

This room looks so green and fresh due to the natural houseplants around. Maximize their performance with a rustic wooden sign that you can patch at the wall. It will become such a unique focal point in many ways.

6. Laundry Sign

A setting sign can be done in any room. It depends on the need for signs or not. One space to put a farmhouse sign is the laundry room. Just patch at the wall a wooden sign written ‘Laundry’ vertically.

7. Piece of Wood

Another farmhouse sign that you can make is a piece of the sign entitled ‘Laundry’. It uses wood material in a colorful scheme that will give you a brighter look inside.

8. Antique Hanging Lamp

Setting more than one or more hanging lamps can be a good idea for those who are not enough of using a single lamp. Set a double hanging lamp on the ceiling with the same color. You will get such a gorgeous decoration in your kitchen.

9. Wooden Tray in Two Layer

This is just another form of the sign by using a wooden tray in the double layer. You can use it as a storage place to set some accessories and decorations.

10. Tiny Vase for Everything

This white tray looks gorgeous and elegant to place a tiny vase with a sign. You can set another piece of stuff around and put a houseplant on the vase.

Which one is your most favorite kitchen country design?

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