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10 Beautiful and Unique Blue Farmhouse Dining Room to Copy

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Blue as fresh and quiet colors can be applied in any room, including the dining room. The blue farmhouse dining room is a kind of comfy room with a blue painted wall and some furniture to complete. If you get interested in the blue farmhouse dining room, you can start by choosing the right blue color. There are some blue types that you can choose, like light blue, sky blue, dark blue, etc.

10 Beautiful and Unique Blue Farmhouse Dining Room to Copy

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After getting the right blue color for the wall, you need also to consider the furniture in the same tone, as like pale blue, white, or black. It is functional to support the main scheme of the entire room. Probably you need to get more references. Check the following blue farmhouse dining room to improve in your room:

1. Dark Blue Painting

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This dining room looks glam and luxurious by using dark blue wall painting. It creates dark nuance yet elegant. Complete it with a light blue pattern rug for covering the parquet flooring. Some wooden chairs and tables are also good combinations.

2. Blue and White Scheme

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White as a neutral color can be combined with blue color. You can use it as a table color and ceiling. It will match perfectly to the blue painted wall. Such a bright tone that comes from the white color will be contrasted with blue color.

3. White Hanging Lamp

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Choosing lighting models becomes an important aspect of making such a perfect dining room. You can choose a white hanging lamp to set at the ceiling over the table. It will create a bright scheme with a white ceiling model.

4. White Curtain

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Most dining room only applies blue for wall painting that can be maximized with white for the ceiling. This dining room model also pays attention to detail. It is proven from the white curtain model to complete the glass window. Some blue pattern chairs are also good to set at the center.

5. Blue Pattern Curtain

Source: lindahotcreative.com

Although blue is usually related to masculinity, it does not mean it cannot be managed as a feminine object. Choose the flowery pattern curtain in blue to cover the window. It will result in such a fresh accent in the dining room. Complete with pattern rug below the table.

6. Flowery Wallpaper

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If you feel bored with using plain color for the wall, you can replace it with flowery wallpaper in blue. You don’t need to spend the budget on coloring as it is enough to use wallpaper design. Complete with white table and chair to bring balance.

7. Abstract Drawing

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Setting a hanging picture at the wall is important to beautify the room. If the wall uses blue color, you can complete with white hanging drawing. It is just an abstract object representing beauty and artistic features in your dining room.

8. Artistic Pendant Light

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Sometimes, focusing on detail is not enough. You need also to consider the aesthetic aspect to result in such a unique and artistic dining room. This unique pendant light with a round model looks beautiful and gorgeous to beautify your blue farmhouse dining room.

9. Blue

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Most dining room designs previously use a single color. Actually you can combine two different colors for coloring the wall. White color for the half part and cream for another part. They can be such a gorgeous combination.

10. Blue Painting

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Blue wall painted and blue pictures can also work together to create such a  perfect match. Make sure you choose a brighter blue color to complete a dark wall color.

Which one is your favorite blue dining room?

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