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10 Ideal Ways of Managing Old Farmhouse Renovation on a Low Budget

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Becoming modern people does not limit the idea of making beautiful house interior. It does not mean you should follow the recent house model to prove that you belong to modern people. For some reason, there are also people who love old farmhouse design to improve in their modern house. You can copy this idea in an easy way.

10 Ideal Ways of Managing Old Farmhouse Renovation on a Low Budget

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Having limited money will be okay as long as you are crazy enough in improving your house architecture. If you are creative enough, you can create an old farmhouse design on a budget. It can be done by recycling some used items or buying cheaper furniture at home. Have a look at the following old farmhouse designs that you probably feel interested:

1. Old Stand Ladder

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Do you have used a ladder that you usually take in the garden? Now you can maximize it as a storage place. Place it at the corner, then put some items in each layer. Make sure you set each layer with different stuff to differentiate.

2. Handmade Lamp

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The decorative lamp becomes one of the best lightings which is functional as decoration. If you don’t have much money to buy a luxurious lamp, you can make it on yourself. Such a tiny ladder can be the hanging of three pendant lamps which are enough to lighten up your dining room.

3. Small Wood Table

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If you get interested in an old item, you can replace the metallic or plastic table with a wooden table. Simply you may ask at the craftsman to create such a custom wooden table to set in the dining room. Complete it with black wooden chairs to perform balance.

4. Board Sign

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For the purpose of making simple decorations, you can set a wooden board above the window. It can be such a gorgeous board sign. Write down some words on it which relate to the room that you want everyone knows about it.

5. Wooden Lettering

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Making such simple lettering on a wooden medium becomes interesting. As you can make it on yourself by using barn wood in square form. Then write down simple words on it and set in beside the cabinet.

6. Mural Wreath

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Don’t you love naturalness inside the room? Of course, it does not always mean by using the vase of flowers. If you have limited space, you can replace it with a mural wreath to hang at the wall. A single wreath is enough to create a unique and fresh look in your room.

7. Wooden Tray

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The wooden tray is not only functional for placing glass. It can also be decoration and accessories place if you set it on the living room table. Just complete it with some books, vase of flowers, and accessories.

8. Big Vase

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Bringing fresh air into the house is not enough by using a tiny wreath. Thus, you can use a big bucket as the vase of houseplants. If the houseplants have a big size, you can beside the chair.

9. Hanging Decoration

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Some people prefer using hanging decoration with some words in the frame. Such a motivational quote or contemplation sentence can be fulfilled in it then set it at the corner wall.

10. Brick Flooring

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Old farmhouse design is also characterized by the use of traditional material like this red brick for the floor. It describes beauty in uniqueness.

Do you feel interested to try these old farmhouse ideas?

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