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9 Beautiful Rug Designs that You Can Manage in Your Room

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Who does not believe that rug is one of the detail that should be chosen correctly? The rug is a functional item for covering the floor but more than it, it belongs to a kind of decoration that simply you can suit the entire room look. The rug is usually set in a living room or bedroom. It depends on the need of each area.

9 Beautiful Rug Designs that You Can Manage in Your Room

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A choosing rug design can be difficult enough for those who lose the idea of each room design. You can start by deciding the room concept as it will be helpful to identify which one is the proper rug model. You may need also to define its shape, size, and color to reach a perfect combination for the entire room. The following rug designs are perfect to give you broaden view:

1. Thick Rug

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There are many rug models based on color, shape, texture, and size. If you plan to manage a warm look for the living room, you can choose a thick rug model. You can set it below the chairs and table.

2. Black and Cream Combination

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Cream and black can be such a perfect combination for rug design. You can set medium size of rug for the living room. It will match perfectly to the grey sofa and wooden table. You will get such a beautiful living room design.

3. Blue Pattern Rug

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Blue is a magnificent color that is proper for pattern carpet color. It will match perfectly with the white scheme. You can use this rug model for covering the parquet floor. Combine it with a wooden table and sofas.

4. Stripe Monochromatic Pattern

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Combining two rug models is not a bad idea. You can use a stripe pattern rug to cover the floor below the chairs and a red pattern rug for the other side. Choose wooden chairs and tables to sit at the center of the living room.

5. White and Grey Combination

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White as a neutral color will be good to combine to any different colors. One of the neutral colors that you can choose is grey. It will look so beautiful and calm in your living room.

6. Yellow Pattern Rug

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Yellow which represents a cheerful accent is perfect for managing such a beautiful and cute nuance in your living room. You can choose it as a patterned carpet to match a parquet flooring.

7. Blue and Pink Pattern Carpet

Source: allotapis.com

Pink and blue are two perfect combinations that result in such a masculine and feminine look for the rug. It is suitable for those who make a rustic theme in their house. Combine it with a white sofa and a tiny table at the center.

8. Watercolor Pattern

Source: pinterest.ru

Watercolor is a kind of artful feature that can be maximized as a beautiful pattern carpet. You can choose the combination based on your taste, as like pink, white, and blue. You will get such a color scheme in your living room.

9. White Pattern Rug

Source: modernsofas.eu

This white pattern rug is elegant to perform together with parquet flooring and wooden table. It looks so classy and beautiful.

All of these rug models can be managed in any room. Choose one of them.

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