9 Farmhouse House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

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Some houses are completed with a porch as a relaxing space. If you have enough space to make a porch, you can decide right now about the model that you want to manage. Porch with wrap around is one of the models that most people want to select. If you agree, you can start to execute at your house.

9 Farmhouse House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

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Before starting to build a porch with wrap-around, you can collect enough references to broaden your knowledge. As there are many wrap designs that can be combined with any porch models based on its size and shape. If you want to add wrap in your porch, have a look the following porch models with wrap around to copy:

1. White Wrap

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If you bring a white elegant concept for your porch model, you can also paint the wrap in white. This will work maximally with the white wall ceiling and marble floor. You will get such a gorgeous look on your porch.

2. Wrap with Glass

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If you want to eliminate the wind from outside, you can set a glass wrap around the porch. It will work maximally if you choose a white wrap that can be maximally combined with black flooring. You will get such a monochromatic accent.

3. Wrap with Curtain

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If you have a small porch design in your house, you can easily make a minimalist wrap-around. Some people tend to add with a curtain that can be opened no matter when. Make sure you choose the right curtain color to match with the whole furniture.

4. Big Pillar

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Some wrap models designed with big pillars between the gap. If you want to perform a powerful look in your minimalist porch, you may set some big pillars between the wooden fence. Paint them all in white.

5. Minimalist Fence

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Although using big barn wood will be better to improve a minimalist look of the porch, you may also replace it with tiny and slim wooden to perform simplicity in your porch model.

6. Big Glass Window

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Do you often look outside while sitting at the porch? If yes, it is recommended for you to make a bigger glass window. The bigger you have, the wider you get the scenery.

7. Short Wrap Model

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This short wrap is functional to complete a long porch design as it will perform a wider look around. Complete it with big pillars between the wrap. Then paint them in white and choose white flooring to get perfection.

8. Lantern Decoration

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Some people may not get enough of seeing an empty porch without any decorations. If you belong to these people, you can set some lanterns on the floor beside the wrap.

9. Black Wrap

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Most wrap models that above apply white color painting. If you have different tastes, you can replace black painting in performing beauty. You can also use wooden flooring to invite a maximum balance.

Which one is your favorite?

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