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10 Beautiful Dining Room Round Table to Set in Your Room

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There are many table models to set in your dining room. It depends on the budget you have and your own taste. Some people get interested in round table design due to its elegant and simple shape. If you agree with this concept, you can buy a round table at the home shop or customize it at the craftsman.

10 Beautiful Dining Room Round Table to Set in Your Room

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The round table is usually made of wooden. It can be small, medium, or big based on the needs. If you want to set a round table in the dining room, first of all, you need to prepare enough money to buy. You may also need some references that you may get from the following ideas:

1. Pattern Round Table

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Most table designs have plain colors. If you have enough budget, you can choose the round wooden table which has a calm pattern. This will match perfectly with the black carpet covering the floor.

2. Glass Round Table

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For those who love the luxurious look in their dining room, it is recommended to choose the glass table model. You can choose black color to perform a maximum luxurious scheme as black usually defines elegance.

3. Small Round Table

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If you have limited space for the dining room, you can buy a small round table to manage around the chairs. Choose a white color to match with the white wall painting and brown flooring. Choose smaller chairs also to fit with the table.

4. Oval Table

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For those who feel bored using a total round table, you may replace it with an oval table in white. It is still functional as like round table, but it looks simpler due to its slim shape.

5. Natural Wood

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If you want to have a rustic accent maximally in the dining room, you can keep the original color of the wooden table. No need for any painting to make it perfect. It still matches with green chairs around the table. Complete it with a patterned carpet covering the floor.

6. Big and Short Table

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This wooden table looks bigger than any table model. It uses durable barn wood material that brings a luxurious and powerful accent in your dining room. Combine it with some high chairs around.

7. Round Table with Green Chairs

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Some people will feel enough of using the original color of the wood. But if you have more budget, you can paint the table in a dark tone. It will maximally describe naturalness in different ways. Complete it with green chairs and mandong carpet.

8. Medium Size

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Instead of choosing a big table, some people also prefer medium size due to the need for simplicity. This black wooden table is proper to place at the center. To invite a monochromatic look, you can choose white ceramics as flooring.

9. Slim and Tiny Table

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The slim and tiny table is still good for a simple dining room. You can get such a breathtaking accent if you combine the table with some wooden chairs in a small size.

10. Big White Table

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This white table is perfect for any dining room design which has a bigger size. You can place it at the center then complete it with some tiny chairs.

Which one is your best round table?

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