9 Tree Ring Planter Ideas You Should Know

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Do you feel familiar with the tree ring planter models? It is one of garden decoration that can be improved around the planted tree. Ring planter is usually functional to add with some pebbles, grass, or vases. In making a ring planter, you don’t need to make much money. It simply the way you can generate your creativity.

9 Tree Ring Planter Ideas You Should Know

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Although placed outside the main house, the garden belongs to an important part of any house which needs more attention. Tree ring planter probably only one of the decorations that you can improve. It is likely you can make it on yourself. Before starting your plan, behold some great ideas to improve in your garden:

1. Stone Material

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Using some stones to make a ring planter is a good idea. You can definitely create a big ring to cover a big tree. Around the tree, you can plant some decorative plants and give some pebbles. You will get a beautiful tree ring planter in your garden.

2. Triple Layers Stone

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Creating a tree ring planter is easy as long as you know more about the design. You can play with your creativity like making triple layers stone around a big tree. This will give you a deep space to add to the soil.

3. Dense Planter Model

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The previous design is literally using gaps between one stone to another. This probably belongs to different ones. You can make on yourself such a dense stone planter models. It will bring perfection if you combine with the plaster yard.

4. Footage Planter

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Some planters are created on the soil. This planter is probably different because it has a wooden foot to hold the planter. Then you can definitely manage some plantations on it. Green grass is also suitable to plant around the planter. You will get a fresh nuance in your tiny garden.

5. Plantation Ring

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The previous ring planter is designed using stone and pebbles. Now we modify it using a decorative plant. A decorative plant is also useful to create a tree ring planter. Green and red plantations are good to manage around each palm tree.

6. Tiny Ring Planter

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This tiny ring planter is appropriate to set on a tiny plant. You can use the medium stone to plant at the soil. And then give some soil in it. Around the planter, you may add with green grass to perform better look in your garden.

7. Low Ring Planter

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The previous planter is designed above the soil. Now, you can modify it by burying some stones on the soil. This planter model is stronger than another model as it is planted on the soil.

8. Green Grass Planter

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This green grass planter is appropriate to set beside the pathway. Green grass and brown soil will result in a perfect look in your garden corner. Complete it with grass around the pathway to bring balance.

9. Tiny Bushes

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Planting tiny bushes may also result in a good ring planter in your garden. You will get a unique ring planter at the center of your garden.

These tree ring planters are appropriate to set in any garden designs. Now, you can modify it on yourself.

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