10 Great Ideas of Decorating House with Hanging Orchids


Are you an orchids lover? Some people who belong to the orchids lover get inspired to plant some orchids at home. Even, they won’t regret of spending much money on it. If you also get the motivation to plant some orchids, you can try to manage it as hanging decoration. Before executing, it is recommended for you to collect some needed information.

10 Great Ideas of Decorating House with Hanging Orchids


Hanging orchids become influential as it complies beautiful nature and unique decoration at the same time. You probably need some great ideas before beginning your plan of making hanging orchids. Behold some references that you may try at home. Check these out:

1. Wooden Trellis


There are many ways of hanging the vases, one of them is on a wooden trellis. Wooden trellis itself has a function as a secondary ceiling but it can be also useful to hang some vases of orchids. Make sure you set the plants correctly to avoid falling down.

2. Tiny Glass


Have you ever wonder about creating such unique hanging orchids? Some orchids are okay to keep in a glass. As long as you give enough lighting and growing medium, you can easily manage orchids in a tiny glass then hang it on.

3. Three Ropes


Although using one rope is enough to hang tiny orchids, it is possible for you to use three ropes. It will be stronger to restrain the growing medium. You can hang it on a wooden stick or wooden ceiling.

4. Wooden Frame


Instead of using plastic or tiles material, making a wooden frame is also a good idea. Use some bamboo to create such a nest then add with some growing medium. You can definitely get unique hanging orchids at your house.

5. Wooden Arrangement


Some wooden sticks can be a nice place to grow the orchids. You can set a mound of wooden sticks to create a space for growing medium. Then you may hang it with a big rope to create perfect hanging orchids.

6. Coconut Shell


Another growing medium that you can choose is coconut shell. A half of coconut shell becomes a unique object to plant some orchids. Make some tiny holes in each shell then you can add with soil.

7. Hanging on Ceiling


This hanging orchid is probably perfect for those who have a lower ceiling. The lower ceiling can be functional to hang some vases of orchids. Then, at the bottom, you can add a metallic rack to place some vases with orchids.

8. Hanging on the Wall


Some vases of orchids are set on the ceiling or wooden sticks. But if you have an empty wall, you can also set a hook to hang the orchids. You will get beautiful hanging orchids at your kitchen.

9. Stone Ballast


In order to avoid imbalance, tying up some medium stones is a good recommendation. You can manage it perfectly with some vases of orchids hanged on about ten centimeters to create gaps.

10. Wooden Hanging


This wooden is specifically created for hanging the orchids. You may complete it with some different plantations to create balance and colorful tone upon your eating space.

These hanging orchids are perfectly impressed with your mind, right? Don’t wait any longer to plant yours.

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