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10 Beautiful Green and White Flowers Arrangement to Match in Any Special Moments


Flowers decoration probably belongs to a must-have an item on any occasion. If you agree with this, you may feel familiar with white and green flowers arrangement which usually uses in some important events. White and green flower arrangement results in a perfect match if you can manage them well.

10 Beautiful Concepts of Green and White Flowers Arrangement


White and green color becomes a perfect combination that can be improved in managing flowery arrangements. You will see a great view in certain rooms if you can arrange them well. If you have a plan of making some events, it is recommended for you to make on yourself a white and green flower arrangement. First of all, have a look the following great ideas to improve:

1. Hanging Flowers


There are many kinds of flowers having a white or green color. Thus, you can choose one of them to make a pretty arrangement. For instance, white roses to combine with its leaves to create unity. If you want to make it as decoration, just hang it on a wooden pillar.

2. Tree Replica


This is not literally a tree replica. It’s just a hand made a tree from the wire. You can add white and green flowers arrangement to set as its leaves. It is possible for you to set an arrangement full of flowers and leaves. But, it will take much more money, thus make sure you have enough budget.

3. Metallic Pillar


This metallic pillar is suitable to set in any room. You can easily decorate it with some flowers in the white and green arrangements. Buy some fresh flowers in different types then combine it with some leaves. You will get maximum beauty at the corner of your room.

4. Short Cement Pillar


If you don’t have wire to make a pillar, then you can replace it with the cement material. Make on yourself a short pillar to set in any rooms then complete it with some white and green flower arrangements. Choose a neutral painting to avoid contrast.

5. Flowers on the Floor


If you want to get something different, you can set the flowers over the floor. It is possible for you to manage the flowers perfectly as long as it is not reachable. Thus, the flowers keep safe to set in any spaces.

6. Flowers on a Glass


If you have a big table but it feels so empty, now you can make a green and white flower arrangement in it. Set them on a glass then place them at the corner of the table. Make sure you choose white table cloth to give a neutral look in your entire room.

7. Circle Jar


Another way of making a flower arrangement is by using remain jar. A circle jar is good to manage some white and green flowers arrangement. Don’t forget to add some water to it.

8. Tiny Jar


White and green flowers arrangement is possible to set in any shape of vases. Thus, it is also possible for you to manage it in a tiny jar. A tiny jar is compatible with a bunch of flowers arrangement. You can set it on a wooden table.

9. Party Table Decoration


This is probably the real function of the flower arrangement. If you hold certain events, you can make these white and green flowers as the table decoration. Complete it with some leaves to spread between the dishes.

10. Flowers on Planter Box


If you have to remain a wooden box, you can recycle it to make a vase. It is possible for you to set some green and white flowers on it. Make sure you choose the right color for the background, then you will get a perfect look.

After seeing these great white and green flower arrangements, you may get inspired. Now it’s time to practice.

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