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10 How to Maximally Create A Funny House with These Unique Wall Decoration


Have you ever thought of making a unique and different decoration in your house? Some people who love enjoying artistic things in their house will choose unique decoration to beautify their rooms. Unique wall decoration becomes preferable for some people due to the aesthetic aspect that they need.

10 Unique Wall Decorations that Simply can be Improved


Why do some people tend to choose unique decorations? It because unique decoration may bring the different looks in your house. As it may be rarely found in common houses. If you are interested too to unique decoration, you can try the following great ideas:

1. Old Letter Model


When you hang this old paper on the wall, you will enjoy a historical view of your house. You can make it on yourself with book paper, then you may fill with some notes. But it is totally functioned as decorative stuff in your room.

2. Picture to Picture


Hanging some photos over the bedroom is a common way to do. What if you hang a picture to picture having different sizes? It can be a nice idea to try.

3. Artistic Frame


This artistic frame is not for placing pictures or photos, but you can feel it with lettering. You can make on yourself unique lettering to set in the frame. It will create such an elegant look in your room.

4. Flowery Wallpaper


One way of making a gorgeous wall decoration is by patching a wallpaper. Flowery wallpaper is a nice decision in beautifying your entire bedroom. Choose a colorful flowery design to bring the freshness inside.

5. Rustic Wooden Rack


If you want something different in your bedroom, you can make a rustic wooden rack to place some decorations. Setting rustic decoration will definitely create such a vintage-style room.

6. Personalized Symbol


There are many ways of expressing love as making words decoration. You may write down the initial name of you and your partner then patch them at the wall. Complete it with a wooden frame to bring perfection.

7. Mandala Cloth


One of the characters of the bohemian style is seen by mandala cloth. Setting a big mandala cloth at the wall will decorate your bedroom into a hippie style look. Complete it with fluffy carpet and an LED lamp to invite balance.

8. Fabric Decoration


You can also hang common fabric that has a colorful pattern at the wall. You will feel different nuances whenever seeing this beautiful decoration which is simple and elegant.

9. Doll Decoration


If you want something cute in your bedroom design, try to patch some doll decorations at the wall. Choose different size and shape of them then combine in perfect composition.

10. Tassel Decoration


Tassel belongs to one of the bohemian characters. If you want to decorate your room with a bohemian style, you can try to set tassel decoration. Tie them on the rope then hang between wall to wall. It will make your room perfect.

These beautiful wall decorations are free to improve in any room design. Try one of them then!

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