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10 Magical Wall Wallpaper Designs to Genuinely Match your Personality

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Wall wallpaper has various models to modify your home wall decoration. You can easily replace it whenever you feel bored. Before choosing the right wall wallpaper, you first have to know your house theme. Thus, you will not feel confused about selecting the right and proper wallpaper.

10 Magical Wall Wallpaper Designs to Genuinely Match your Personality

Source: fashioninteriors.co.uk

Some people tend to use wall wallpaper to fresh out their wall design. Certain wallpaper can define your personality, thus you have to choose properly with your character. The right wallpaper will give a positive feeling in your entire room. Behold some references you can maximally try at home:

1. Leaves Pattern

Source: johnlewis.com

Green leaves usually relate to bohemian style interior design. This can be well performed as wallpaper also. Green leaves invite peace and tranquility. Complete it with a green sofa and pattern blanket for further perfection.

2. Flowery Watercolor

Source: etsy.com

Though wallpaper is usually made of printed-pattern, it is possible also using the watercolor model. Like this flower watercolor design which perfectly creates such a romantic nuance along with the bold red sofa and wall painting.

3. Mural Look

Source: sonaeuk.com

The mural is also a good pattern of wallpaper which can be set in any room. Using light blue color is a nice idea to combine with a blue curtain covered the window. You will enjoy an elegant look at the corner of your room.

4. Coffee Shop Model

Source: pinterest.fr

Choosing a coffee shop wallpaper model is not a common way to do. But it is possibly done in your own home. You can decorate it in your living room wall. Navy color background is enough to hold out that cute pattern.

5. Graphic Concept

Source: couchstyle.de

Choosing a graphic pattern of wallpaper is the right decision for those who tend to be masculine. This wallpaper model defines masculine character along with its blue background color. Complete it with the patterned floor to invite balance.

6. Random Polka Dots

Source: pinterest.ie

Some polka dots pattern performs in good arrangement. If you want to escape from the common model, you can try this elegant random polka dots pattern. You can complete it with pattern mats and a big vase of decorative plants.

7. Gradation Color

Source: esszimmer.monster

Instead of using two different colors, you may also improve gradation color to manage your bedroom wall. This gradation model creates such a calm and elegant nuance overall in your private room.

8. Colorful Graphic

Source: dou36.org

Some people love to see colorful wallpaper in their room, thus choosing a colorful graphic model is a great idea. The various graphic pattern results in a chic and funny look in your home.

9. Black and White Tone

Source: pinterest.at

If you love being natural without spending much money, choosing a black and white style of wallpaper can be a nice way. You can improve it in any room designs. Complete it with proper furniture like rustic chair and table.

10. Elegant Strip

Source: fashioninteriors.co.uk

Another wallpaper design you can try is a black and white strip that can match perfectly with the circle pattern floor. Complete it with a luxurious decorative lamp and mirror for balance.

These wall wallpaper designs can be applied in any home interiors. Try one of them.

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