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10 Painting Stripes on Wall, A Fancy Way to Create Nice and Lovely Atmosphere in Your House

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Painting stripes on the wall can be the perfect solution for you who want to make your room look more cozy and neat without having messy work and such expensive ornaments or framed art. It will give you different feeling and atmosphere around your house, and also it suits to your character if you paint it well according to your desire and needs.

10 Painting Stripes On Wall, A Fancy Way To Create Nice and Lovely Atmosphere in Your House

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You can do painting stripes on the wall easily without spending a lot of money, just do it on one side of your wall, or if you really take it into account, you may do it on each wall in your house. Moreover, you will get the balance in your house according to your mood and feeling. You can use different colors with different shapes, there is a lot of color schemes that you may apply. That’s why here I want to show you some of them.

So, here are some inspirations of painting stripes on the wall that you may apply to your house. Check this out!

1. Black & White Stripes Painting

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Back then when I was very young, I like to read comics so much, it just gives me different feelings when I read it, that’s how I enjoy myself. I love the comic book feel of this dramatic black and white striped dining room. It’s just something epic.

2. The Focal Point

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Do you feel bored in your bedroom quite often? I’m sure most of you would say “Yes”. Well, no wonder if you feel bored because I would say the same. One key factor of this boredness is the monotonous atmosphere in our room, what we need actually is a little pop of pattern. Paint just one wall in the room with colorful stripes to create a fun focal point. Voila! Your room looks more cozy and classy now.

3. Nautical Entrance

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Don’t let your limitation limits you. Well, I’m talking about room space in this case. Many of us literally don’t have a big space when it comes to room design, therefore, it looks like we will in a small cottage with a lot of stuff in it. But you don’t have to think badly about that, instead of making your room feel smaller, you need to make this horizontal stripes draw your eyes down to the doors to give you the idea that you’re moving forward. Just the same idea as in a corridor, so the small space in your room can be functional.

4. Welcome Home Stripes

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Another idea for small space, stripes painting can add a lot of interest on their own if you can see. You only need two quarts of paint, therefore, painting stripes on a wall like this can be the best solution for you without having to add more furniture or even decorations.

5. Half-Striped Painting

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This is what we called modern art. Sometimes there’s no need to follow the common things, you only need to follow your sense, then the masterpiece will be created. Painting stripes only halfway down is a good idea, moreover, it helps to not overwhelm the space. The light gray stripes also look incredible with the strong black accent, right?

6. Mix It Up

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Stripes painting variations are not only about colors, but also shapes. Try to make a fun variation on the traditional and classic look by painting thin and thick lines, and of course, you can add different colors. This style will give your space a modern and contemporary vibe.

7. Classy Nursery

Source: lovingit.pl

Well, if you don’t want to make it look more masculine or feminine, why not just stay in gender-neutral? It’s always possible and simple, subtle gray stripes could be an ideal solution for your little one’s room.

8. Tiled Stripes

Source: myfancyhouse.com

I’ve just written about subway tile design before, it’s something unique and classic, it will look good if you apply this to your kitchen. Mix up the white subway tile look by incorporating graduated stripes that are made of black tiles.

9. Pink and Red

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If you like these colors, it’s gonna be awesome, because red and pink are perfect combinations to make your room look brave, but also lovely. Moreover, since wallpaper and humidity are our serious enemies, painted stripes like this could be the best solution to add color and pattern to your room.

10. Paste, Not Paint

Source: fashioninteriors.co.uk

Let me tell you something, in the end, if the idea of measuring and taping out all those lines will make you feel dizzy and overwhelmed, I suggest you to consider using the wallpaper for the same awesome and cool effect without the messy work.

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