9 Beautiful and Magnificent Looks of Period Bathroom Designs


Designing period bathroom theme is not difficult enough as long as you have enough budget. As the budget you have will guide you in improving the design. It is not about making a comfy space to improve your creativity, deeply it is about how to manage a limited budget to bring perfection.

9 Simple Guidance to Maximize your Period Bathroom Design


Modifying a period bathroom design does not always take much money. It deals with the right decision you made before buying every single item to fulfill your bathroom. How wonderful your period bathroom model totally depends on how creative you are in managing it. Have a look these ideas of period bathroom design you can easily improve:

1. Dark Grey Wall


If you do not like the colorful scheme bathroom, you can choose a dark grey wall painting. Combine with Scandinavian tiles as the floor. You will get a perfect match in your period of bathroom design.

2. Strip Wall


The strip wall model in white color is a good idea to express simplicity and peace. Your tiny bathroom will look wide and clean. You may complete it with pattern colorful tiles of the floor. The wooden countertop is also well-organized at the corner of your bathroom.

3. Wooden Cabinet


Playing a rustic bathroom accent is also a nice way to style up your period bathroom. Cabinetry made of wooden can be useful to keep some kinds of stuff like a basket of towels and soaps. You can also manage perfectly a vase of plants to create a natural scheme.

4. Hanging Countertop


Wooden countertops are a common model in any bathroom. What if you design differently by changing the countertop. It can be custom-made of wooden thus you can easily manage exactly in your period bathroom design.

5. Grey and White Accent


To invite a luxurious feel in your period bathroom, you may improve two elegant colors, such as white and grey. These two colors can match perfectly if you complete it with kinds of stuff in a similar tone as like carpet and countertop.

6. Ceramics Fulfilling


Commonly people use ceramics on the floor, but if you do not matter with a budget, you may also use ceramics at the wall. These ceramics wall can be in white color to bring contrast with the black floor. It creates such a mysterious yet glamorous look.

7. Wooden Ceiling


Period bathroom design can be fit in vintage style. You can play wooden materials for the ceiling and floor. Combine with any elegant items like wooden countertop and ceramics wall decoration to invite balance.

8. Tiny Rack Model


If you have only limited space for the bathroom, you can customarily make a tiny wooden rack. This tiny rack can be hanged on the wall to wall over the toilet. It can be a functional storage place for any bathroom kinds of stuff.

9. White and Brown Tone


In pursuing a humble look in your bathroom, you can choose other calm colors like brown and white. Playing with these two colors for the wall and floor will style up maximally your period bathroom.

Which one is your favorite design? You can select one or more to combine together in your bathroom.

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